Accelerating the adoption of XR

Our story



Circuit Stream's story began in 2015, through a network with the developers, designers, and creators pioneering the ecosystem for virtual and augmented reality.

Rather than build the first wave of commercial applications, Circuit Stream saw a need for education and training that could accelerate progress of the VR/AR industry. From this journey, Circuit Stream's XR Development with Unity training course was created.



Circuit Stream was founded by questioning what the most important thing for spatial computing was. We found our answer as educators. Our goal has been to share a foundation of knowledge on the best tools, processes and workflows for XR development and design.

Since then, we've grown into a diverse and distributed team that shares a common mission of accelerating XR's adoption and transforming how we learn, communicate and collaborate.

What we do


We are proud to have taught over 25,000 professionals through workshops, training and our XR Development with Unity course.

Our alumni come from all kinds of backgrounds and industries. Over time, we started to be asked for more advanced training and customized applications by companies experimenting with XR.

These experiences became a proving ground for our team to understand how companies adopt XR technology.

Where we're going


We've put our years of training into a platform that makes it easier for companies to build and scale XR applications.

Circuit Stream Platform is designed to make it easier and faster to build and deploy XR at scale. 

Our mission is to accelerate XR's adoption and transform how companies and their employees learn and work.

We're just getting started.

5 Core Principles of Circuit Stream


We are a leader in VR and AR, constantly adapting to the technology and the market.


We hold our student's and alumni's success above all else. We teach everything we know so that our community can benefit and we encourage them to do the same.


Virtual and augmented reality are the future of computing. We're in this for the long haul.


We encourage our community to commit to VR and AR and provide opportunities for growth and learning throughout the journey.


We only hire, work  with, and develop the absolute best. Our team is comprised of experts from the virtual and augmented reality industry.

5 Core Pillars of Circuit Stream


Virtual and augmented reality are the future of computing. We're in this for the long haul.


Leader in VR, AR and MR Technology and Education


Communication with clarity, respect, and hold participants' success above all else.


Encouraging students with opportunities for growth and learning throughout their journey.


The best instructors from the virtual and augmented reality industry.

Our team


Lou Pushelberg

Founder & CEO

Lou founded Circuit Stream in 2015 to foster VR/AR training and development through online courses.


Mike Jarrell


Mike has worked with General Assembly, Bitmaker and Canada Learning Code. He sits on the Board of Directors at Code for Canada.


Eric Carter

XR Designer

Eric Carter is an XR designer who helped Microsoft ship hand tracking on the HoloLens 2. After that he worked on Facebook Horizon with the team that made Oculus Quest First Steps. With more than a decade of prior experience working in game design, Eric brings a creative and user-centric focus to the projects he develops


Jerry Medeiros

XR Developer

Jerry Medeiros is a game development and AI expert with more than 10 years of experience using his skills to create games and XR training and simulations. As a Unity Certified Instructor, he is passionate about teaching the latest emerging technologies. He has an undergraduate degree in Game Development, a graduate in Interaction Design and a Master’s degree in Computer Science.


Jason Campbell

Head of Engineering

Jason has worked in the VR/AR industry since 2012 and worked with big data since 2016. He has built and managed over 25 applications and delivered projects for VR, AR, iOS, Android, custom hardware, web, and film. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Digital Media.

Usman Mir

Usman Mir

Lead Instructor, VR/AR Developer

Usman has worked with Unity for over 10 years. XR development combines his passion for problem solving and building innovative experiences.

David Green

David Green

Director of Technology

Backed by years of AAA and indie video game experience & created the highest rated platform to make, publish and view VR tours.


Dejan Gajsek

Content Marketing Manager

Dejan enjoys all things growth marketing related, especially content. He’s worked in VR since 2015. He runs a personal blog on growth and marketing.


Cash Garman

XR Developer

Cash Garman has over 14 years of experience in the games and web industry as a programmer. He has taught game and web programming/design at the University of Lincoln and the University of Sussex in the UK over a span of 4 years. He has specializations in VR/AR, procedural generation, artificial intelligence, data visualization, and data-driven systems.


Jan Lotz

Senior Software Engineer

Jan is a senior software architect and developer with over 14 years experience in industrial/automotive embedded applications.


Priscilla Firstenberg

3D Artist

Seattle based artist with over 13 years industry experience in video game development specializing in both 2D and 3D digital art.

Stephane Licina Circuit Stream

Stephane Licina

Sales Development Representative

Stephane enjoys bringing people together to achieve things of common interest. His passion for travel and technology has allowed him to gain global experiences with companies of all sizes.


Kyle Nichols

Business Development Representative

Hailing from Toronto, Kyle has a background in Sports, more accurately at Maple Leafs. Kyle makes sure the right company has the right solution in front of them.


Brice Aminou

Senior Full Stack Developer


Dan Conroy

3D artist


Tamara Osseiran

User Experience Designer

Tamara is a detail-oriented UX Designer currently based in Vancouver. Tamara has experience working as a cross-functional designer and product strategist, from making websites and building brands to designing and managing digital products.


Richard Beare

Instructor, VR/AR Developer

An engineer in electronics design and XR development in Unity, Richard has built his own VR game and with indie startup GoodbyeWorld Games.


Nakisa Donnelly

Instructor, VR/AR Developer

Nakisa’s engineering and arts background combine for a unique approach to XR development. She has designed and developed projects for the HoloLens, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest and Valve Index.

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We are an equal opportunity employer.