Accelerating the adoption of XR

Our story



Circuit Stream's story began in 2015, through a network with the developers, designers, and creators pioneering the ecosystem for virtual and augmented reality.

Rather than build the first wave of commercial applications, Circuit Stream saw a need for education and training that could accelerate progress of the VR/AR industry. From this journey, Circuit Stream's XR Development with Unity training course was created.



Circuit Stream was founded by questioning what the most important thing for spatial computing was. We found our answer as educators. Our goal has been to share a foundation of knowledge on the best tools, processes and workflows for XR development and design.

Since then, we've grown into a diverse and distributed team that shares a common mission of accelerating XR's adoption and transforming how we learn, communicate and collaborate.

What we do


We are proud to have taught over 25,000 professionals through workshops, training and our XR Development with Unity course.

Our alumni come from all kinds of backgrounds and industries. Over time, we started to be asked for more advanced training and customized applications by companies experimenting with XR.

These experiences became a proving ground for our team to understand how companies adopt XR technology.

Where we're going


We've put our years of training into a platform that makes it easier for companies to build and scale XR applications.

Circuit Stream Platform is designed to make it easier and faster to build and deploy XR at scale. 

Our mission is to accelerate XR's adoption and transform how companies and their employees learn and work.

We're just getting started.

5 Core Principles of Circuit Stream


We are a leader in VR and AR, constantly adapting to the technology and the market.


We hold our student's and alumni's success above all else. We teach everything we know so that our community can benefit and we encourage them to do the same.


Virtual and augmented reality are the future of computing. We're in this for the long haul.


We encourage our community to commit to VR and AR and provide opportunities for growth and learning throughout the journey.


We only hire, work  with, and develop the absolute best. Our team is comprised of experts from the virtual and augmented reality industry.

5 Core Pillars of Circuit Stream


Virtual and augmented reality are the future of computing. We're in this for the long haul.


Leader in VR, AR and MR Technology and Education


Communication with clarity, respect, and hold participants' success above all else.


Encouraging students with opportunities for growth and learning throughout their journey.


The best instructors from the virtual and augmented reality industry.

Our team

Aleatha Singleton

Aleatha Singleton

UX Design Instructor

Aleatha has over 22 years of experience designing across multiple platforms and industries. She creates educational content covering the foundational aspects of UX design for Extended Realities in a way that is understandable and actionable in the hopes that she can help push forward the UX field within the XR technology landscape.


Alex Mayer

AR/VR Teaching Assistant

Alex is an XR Developer & 3D Modeler based in Calgary. He is certified by Lethbridge College in Augmented and Virtual Reality and experienced in Snapchat Lens Studio and Unity. Now Alex is working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at MRU.


Alfredo Bonilla

Software Developer

Arkatyiis (Arky) Miller

Student Experience Coordinator

Arky is a visual artist and higher-ed professional currently based in Calgary. With over 7 years experience in adult education – with roles including instructing, admissions, and operations – Arky is passionate about helping dedicated, creative students reach their goals. Ask her about her dog, Arthur.


Brenden Gilbert

Business Development Representative
Claire Morrow

Claire Morrow

People Partner

Claire is an experienced Human Resources professional specializing in the IT sector. She is passionate about elevating her colleagues through leadership development, creating engaging people programs and recruiting talented individuals. Outside of work, Claire enjoys travelling with her family and learning Spanish.


Daniela Zeledón

Software Engineer

Dejan Gajsek

Content Marketing Manager

Dejan is a huge marketing nerd and enjoys all things growth marketing related, especially content. He’s worked in VR since 2015. In spare time he likes to listen to loud music and lift heavy stuff from the ground.


Diana Olynick

Student Ambassador

Diana Tran

Marketing Design Intern
diego aguirre

Diego Aguirre


As a Lightship Leader, Diego volunteers his time to co-lead and help the Lightship AR community to grow worldwide, while making it a more inclusive space for LATAM creators and developers. His role as a Lightship leader involves hearing the community, identifying insights, and proposing strategic ideas that could lead to more growth and engagement but mainly helping people in the community getting started with XR development.

Dustin Swieringa

Dustin Swieringa

AR/VR Instructor and Developer

Dustin is a very open-minded, friendly individual who spends all their time either building or playing games with friends.
He loves programming, technical art, and birds. He has over 8 years of experience in C# and Unity, including professional development, and always strives to learn more.


Indika Wijesooriya

Instructor Manager

Indika is a software development professional, who holds an Engineering Bachelor’s Degree focused in Computer Science Engineering. His work history in the software industry includes game development, design, and immersive technology (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality).

IsiaqPhoto_Edd - Edited

Isiaq Gbadamosi

AR/VR Instructor

Isiaq is a Unity developer with a core focus on extended reality content development. He has created AR/VR apps across several verticals which include fashion, education, tourism, therapy, medicine, and training. Isiaq is passionate about building communities of XR developers and users.

jerry medeiros

Jerry Medeiros

Education Advisor

Jerry Medeiros is a game development and AI expert with more than 10 years of experience using his skills to create games, XR training and simulations. As a Unity Certified Instructor, he is passionate about teaching the latest emerging technologies. He has a bachelor’s degree in Game Development, a certificate in Interaction Design, a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and an MBA in Leadership and Innovation.


Joseph Moreno

AR/VR Instructor

Kristina Ramsarup

Sales Operations Coordinator

Leanne Nair

Admissions Team Lead

Passionate about education management, Leanne strives to nurture a students potential by connecting them to the right courses. Having 4+ years of experience in admissions, she is dedicated to provide students globally accessible information which will lead to attaining their learning goals. In her free time you can catch her painting, or catering to her extensive plant collection.


Lou Pushelberg


Lou founded Circuit Stream in 2015 to foster VR/AR training and development through online courses.

luciana fortes

Luciana Fortes

Student Service Manager

Luciana is an international education professional and entrepreneur with extensive experience advising students in Canada, US, and Brazil. She is an adaptable and transformational leader who is passionate about education, global learning and exchange, and community engagement.


Maria Villarreal

Instructional Designer

Maria is a strong believer that education opens a world of possibilities, which is why she loves creating fun learning experiences. She enjoys dancing, baking, drawing, and spicy food. You will find her looking for the best tacos in Vancouver.

Mauricio Martínez Moná

Mauricio Martinez

Instructional Designer

Mauricio’s “gusto” lies in creating engaging and fun learning experiences. He is a language nerd and an enthusiastic data science novice.


Mike Jarrell


Mike has worked with General Assembly, Bitmaker and Canada Learning Code. He sits on the Board of Directors at Code for Canada.

Mitchell Theriault

Mitchell Theriault

AR/VR Instructor and Developer

Mitchell is a multimedia artist and tech nerd. He became involved with Unity development after he tried an Oculus Rift developer kit in 2014 and fell in love with it. When not tinkering with something software-related, Mitchell can probably be found at your local dive bar, playing loud music in a rock band.


Mohammad Reza Hamedi

AR/VR Instructor

Mohammad Reza is a unity developer who worked in different fields of the game industry (VR, AR, 2D, 3D, Multiplayer) he did lots of projects with unity, and apart from the game industry, he has been working on some metaverse projects.


Mondae Atughonu

Student Ambassador

Mondae Atughonu is a Production Engineering Manager at Bungie (privately-owned game development studio known for franchises like Halo, Destiny and Myth) and a passionate XR developer. Mondae believes in data-driven continuous improvement and helping teams with skills and tools to do their best work. In his free time, he likes to crush Spartan obstacle races.


Nakisa Donnelly

AR/VR Instructor and Developer

Nakisa’s engineering and arts background combine for a unique approach to XR development. She has designed and developed projects for the HoloLens, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest and Valve Index.

Nicolas Salgado

Nicolas Salgado

XR Design Instructor

Nicolas is an XR Product Designer, Digital Artist & Illustrator. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology focused on Human-Computer Interaction and has been working in Tech Industry for more than 10 years. Nicholas is an extremely creative person that likes to find innovative solutions by combining technology, art and his knowledge of human behaviour. He loves video games, comic books and Sci-Fi movies, especially Star Wars, and his sacred moment is to spend time with his children Luke & Leia.

Oluwatosin Ogunyebi

Oluwatosin Ogunyebi

XR Developer/Instructor

Oluwatosin is a game developer with a knack for the extended reality spectrum. He is very passionate about community building and also believes games/ AR/VR would have a great impact in years to come.

Image from iOS

Robyn Williams

Admissions Team Lead
Asset 1

Roham Mirza-Ghafari

Enrollment Advisor

Born in Tehran, Iran, Roham (Ro) is currently based in Toronto. He is an experienced Business Development and customer service representative and loves helping individuals and companies upskill/ grow. With a background as a semi-pro soccer player, he is highly competitive and loves a good challenge!


Rucha Deo

Sandra Feng

Sandra Feng


Sandra is an AR/VR product designer and prototyper based Toronto. At the intersection of design and development, she produces user-centric utility experiences leveraging design thinking throughout her process and a variety of technologies such as Unity, Oculus, MRTK, and more.

Shoshana Gottfried

Shoshana Gottfried

Enrollment Advisor

Stella Ajayi

Enrollment Advisor

Stella is an educator at heart, with a background in higher education. She loves impacting the lives of others. Her goal is to help her clients reach their desired outcomes, which led her to a role as an enrollment advisor here at Circuit Stream.

Stephane Licina Circuit Stream

Stephane Licina

Partnerships Manager

Stephane enjoys bringing people together to achieve things of common interest. His passion for travel and technology has allowed him to gain global experiences with companies of all sizes.


Tamara Osseiran

User Experience Designer

Tamara is a detail-oriented UX Designer currently based in Vancouver. Tamara has experience working as a cross-functional designer and product strategist, from making websites and building brands to designing and managing digital products.


Tiffany Allen

Digital Content Manager

Tiffany loves all things marketing and is especially passionate about data, customer experience and automation. She believes in the power of education and loves being part of an industry that facilitates just that. Outside of work, you’ll find her spending time with family & friends or looking for her next DIY reno project!


Tommy Maestas

Director of Business Development, Universities

Tommy has spent the last 12+ years of his career working alongside professional and continuing education offices to help learners train for rewarding careers. Tommy is passionate about helping others succeed and is always looking for ways to make career training more accessible through agency partnerships.


Tyler Trapp

Business Development Representative, Universities
Yosuf Hariq

Yosuf Hariq

Project Manager

Yosuf enjoys problem-solving and is passionate about bringing people and systems together to achieve amazing results. In his free time, he likes to travel to new cities and nerd out on eastern philosophy.


Zixuan Liu

Marketing Coordinator

Zixuan is an open-minded and friendly individual that passionate about marketing. She enjoys outdoor stuff and loves going to the beach in summer.


Zoe Gittins

Digital Advertising Manager

Zoe has a passion for digital advertising and has been a marketing specialist in the education technology industry since 2017.

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We are an equal opportunity employer.