Curriculum Advisory Board

The Circuit Stream Curriculum Advisory Board comprises of industry thought-leaders with expertise and excellence in the field of design, development and business acumen.

Joey Raiton


Joey focuses on strengthening his community and making a positive impact on society, especially for our world’s most important change-makers: learners. His current job working for the Meta Education Modernization Team gives him the opportunity to support this educational audience and many more individuals across the nation through its many programs and initiatives. Joey always encourages others to follow their passion, and he knows that leading by example will build a stronger world.

Ric Neil


Ric Neil runs the Unity certified creator network. The certified creator network (CCN) provides Unity with the best in class development teams to accelerate and evolve the Unity market and products. At Unity we believe the world is a better place with more creators. Ric has worked in the games industry since 1990. His experience spans the industry’s biggest names including Electronic Arts, Konami, Microsoft, AMD, Playdom, Disney, Glu Mobile, Outfit7, Amazon and Unity. He has worked on some of the largest franchises and games in the industry: Madden NFL, James Bond, Tiger Woods, The Grand Tour and many more. Ric has a broad understanding of gaming markets, opportunities and trends, having served in roles ranging from Executive Producer, GM, to Director of Business Development. As well as a deep technical understanding of processes in new and emerging RT3D marketplaces. He is currently working with Unity to increase the available Unity creators worldwide.

Paul Parkinson


Paul Parkinson is an Architect and Dev Advocate for Modern Application Development and Database/Cloud at Oracle (includes microservices, mobile, XR, etc.). He develops both products and a number of workshops for various technologies and industries, engages with customers, writes blogs, and frequently gives conference presentations. He has been been at Oracle for 20 years, holds 25+ patents, and and has been programming for close to 40 years predominantly in Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, and Go. Paul is enjoying the fact that developers and designers across the full stack are increasingly becoming the decision makers in organizations and this has provided an environment for a broad and diverse exchange of ideas and expertise to develop the best and most interesting tech.

Jeremy Roland


Jeremy Roland is an Application Development Associate Manager of Accenture’s flagship Extended Reality (VR, AR, MR, etc.) team based in downtown San Francisco where he does everything from UI/UX design, 3d/2d content creation, and development of XR applications to consulting, managing, and demonstrating the teams capabilities. As a specialist, he harnesses and builds new technologies to solve problems, increase efficiencies, and empower workforce's in enterprise across all industries. Prior to his work at Accenture he has been a leader in technical, creative, business, and academic sectors. Some accomplishments include being the inventor of patented hardware, developing award winning VR experiences, a published author, highest rated 3d designer on a top 3D printing site, a certified Unity developer, instructor of hundreds of higher education classes, and an Emmy Award nominee.

Patricia Esteban


Patricia Esteban works as Senior Experience Design & Mobile Consultant plus XR ambassador at IBM. She has been working on the design and development of digital and immersive experiences for 5 years and also, is the co-founder of Big Girls Theory, a community that wants to promote the role of women in technology and share our passion for it. XR enthusiast and Unity certified, Patricia is passionate about 3D Design and 3D scanning, sharing her XR experiments in social media and trying to evangelize people across industries about the benefits and applications of XR. Through the Curriculum Advisory Board, Patricia hopes to transfer her enthusiast and knowledge gained working on the XR industry market and help to shape the future augmented workforce.

Cornell Hillman


Cornel Hillmann is a CG artist and XR designer with over 20 years of experience in the media & entertainment, advertising and design industry. He’s worked with brands including Panasonic, Jaguar, The Future is Wild, The Singapore International Film Festival, Razor and many others. Cornel has lectured masterclasses for immersive media production, advanced 3D-, VR- and media design-courses at Universities in SE Asia, Europe and North America, and is the author of “Unreal for Mobile and Standalone VR” and “UX for XR” published by Apress, New York (a division of Springer Nature).

Aleatha Singleton


Aleatha Singleton is an instructor at Circuit Stream and is the owner of Ninja Robot Studio LLC. She has a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from The Art Institute. She has over 22 years of experience designing for a wide variety of platforms across multiple industries including most recently Extended Reality with a focus on Virtual Reality. She creates content covering the foundational aspects of UX design for Extended Realities in a way that is understandable and actionable in the hopes that she can help push forward the UX design field within this technology landscape

Kristin Torrence

Head of Learning Engineering, Talespin

Kristin Torrence is a passionate Immersive Learning Experience Designer and a strong advocate of evidence-based practices. She applies learning sciences, instructional design, and data science practices to design, instrument, and validate XR training applications. She co-founded XR in LXD, a meetup, and community of practice for Instructional Designers and Learning Experience Designers interested in designing for XR modalities. She has a background in cognitive science, game-based learning, and instructional design and is particularly interested in the intersection of learning science, XR, and learning analytics. She received a master’s degree in Cognitive Studies in Education with a concentration in Intelligent Technologies from the Teacher’s College of Columbia University. She is passionate about helping others reach their potential and has joined the Curriculum Advisory Board to help to shape the future of our workforce.