January 16 @ 11:00AM PT

Free Alumni Workshop - Circuit Stream SDK Training

As an alumni, we'd like to invite you to our Circuit Stream SDK training workshop which includes an introduction to our new product — the Circuit Stream Platform and dedicated post-workshop development support from your Circuit Stream instructor.

Working with over 200 alumni from 50 different organizations we noticed all XR Developers run into the same fundamental problems:

  • How do I share my projects and get adoption?
  • Where do I store and manage my applications?
  • How do I measure results and know what results to measure?
  • Where do I get help when I need it?

The Alumni Workshop will help you scale your XR projects:

  • Easily manage and share your XR application across users and teams
  • Conveniently manage all your projects in one place across devices
  • Track and capture user behaviour and turn data into insights and ROI
  • Get fast help post-workshop from a dedicated Developer Support Engineer

Why join the Alumni Workshop?

  • Learn about Circuit Stream's new SDK
  • Get access to upcoming platform features and functionality
  • Receive an invitation to the Alumni Advisory Board to help shape Circuit Stream's product roadmap
  • Get access to weekly office hours with instructors — live development support when you need it

This is a limited beta and exclusively available for our alumni that are looking to scale their XR projects.