A New Reality

March 26 2020


A New Reality

This is a challenging time for all of us - as individuals, communities, and organizations. Our entire way of life has been turned upside down and is being challenged.

Social distancing, remote work, virtual communication, and distributed teams are just some of the adjustments individuals and organizations are adopting. 

As we look to adapt to this changing reality, it’s important to remember that moments of crisis offer a chance to embrace new ideas and change the old way of doing things.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Online Education

We are adapting in real time and looking for ways we can support our community and come out of this situation stronger. We have seen two immediate trends already - an increased interest in virtual and augmented reality and online education. These trends are at the core of Circuit Stream’s mission.

Since 2015, we have taught over 25,000 people and many of the world's largest organizations how to build VR/AR experiences. All of our courses and workshops are available live, online and on-demand. The benefits of this format include:

  • Attending class from your home
  • Learning live with an expert 1:1
  • Learning on-demand at a schedule that works for you
  • Real-time feedback on your work 
  • A supportive online community of VR/AR developers

We have several upcoming online courses and workshops that can help you learn to create VR and AR applications:

We’re offering free and discounted learning opportunities, along with several payment instalment options to support the current situation we’re all facing. 

If there is anything that we can do to help you or your organization be more successful in learning to create virtual reality and augmented reality as you adapt to these changes we are facing, please reach out to our team.


Lou Pushelberg


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