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August 9, 2022
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Circuit Stream Partnership With Immerse


Dejan Gajsek

Students and enterprises can learn real-time 3D skills from Circuit Stream and access immersive training content with Immerse.

Circuit Stream partners with a leading virtual reality (VR) training platform, Immerse.

Since the inception of Circuit Stream, the Canadian company has experimented with several lines of business in the AR/VR space. In 2020, Circuit Stream shifted its sole focus to XR education. However, the company had strong relationships with clients who had ongoing needs for its previous services in VR training content and platform distribution.

While the XR education company was pivoting away from those services, the team at Circuit Stream was determined to ensure their clients had the best support available to continue to learn, create, and innovate with AR/VR technologies.

Lou Pushelberg, Co-founder of Circuit Stream, explains: "The XR industry is creating thousands of exciting and rewarding career opportunities globally. However, a shortage of qualified XR developers and designers exists.”

By partnering with Immerse and transferring its platform services and clients, Circuit Stream will continue to create value for future clients and students by recommending their partner as a solution to any immersive enterprise training content and platform needs.

How Does this Partnership Work?

Immerse enables enterprises to create and scale virtual reality (VR) training content and programs. Their service offering is ideal for any organization wanting to offer its employees AR/VR simulation training, especially in industries that work with hard-skill-related activities, such as:

  • AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction)
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Oil & Gas

If anyone wants an immersive training platform built for their organization, Circuit Stream can make introductions to the appropriate people at Immerse.

If anyone is interested in learning more about AR/VR and acquiring industry-leading real-time 3D skills, Immerse can refer these learners to Circuit Stream.

In addition, Immerse continues to support Circuit Stream's learner community in several key areas:

  • Scholarships. Immerse has already provided $5,000 worth of scholarships for five people to join courses and programs.
  • Guest lectures. By appearing in the classroom, the Immerse team has supported students by sharing their industry knowledge and expertise in the future of immersive training.
  • Hiring partner. Immerse will offer Circuit Stream students the opportunity to interview for job openings and provide career advice, helping students land jobs in the XR industry.

What does the future hold for Circuit Stream and Immerse?

Circuit Stream is excited about its partnership with Immerse and looks forward to the continued collaboration between the two companies. By helping eachother grow and build a community of mutual support, the overall XR industry benefits.

“Immerse is one of the best companies working in XR, and we're excited to partner with them to provide scholarships, job opportunities, and knowledge to more professionals looking to enter this field," says Stéphane Ličina, Partnerships Manager of Circuit Stream.

The connection between Immerse and Circuit Stream will help ensure students and enterprises are ready for the future of work— quickly transitioning from education and training to earning income.

“We’re very excited to work with a company as respected as Circuit Stream. The collaboration between our companies allows enterprises to have a seamless experience deploying VR training systems and XR education,” said Heath Shatouhy, Chief Commercial Officer at Immerse. “We’re also proud to support Circuit Stream’s scholarship program for those looking to enter the XR industry — talent is a significant component to growing the XR industry, and we want to ensure the best and brightest are given opportunities.”

Get access to the best VR training software for enterprises from Immerse. If you want to learn more about AR/VR and develop your skill set in the real-time 3D space, get in touch with Circuit Stream.

About Immerse

Immerse is the leading open and scalable immersive ecosystem for enterprise XR training technology and solutions. Founded in 2014, the team developed a content aggregation, distribution and reporting platform, called the Immerse Platform, from the ground up as an enterprise solution that enables companies to create, distribute, implement, and measure performance for custom and off-the-shelf XR training content.

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About Circuit Steam:

Circuit Stream is the leading provider for XR education and certification. Since 2015, the company has educated more than 50,000 professionals and organizations through workshops, courses, and other online resources.

As a recognized expert in XR design, development, and certification, Circuit Stream is actively building its community to boost the growth of the XR industry and the career development of thousands of professionals.

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