How These Designers Transitioned into the XR Design Career

June 17 2021

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All the best products that stood the test of time have one thing in common — they solve a problem and they are easy to use. Imagine the world without graphic designers, UX/UI researchers and professional artists. It would be a dull place to live with unnecessary and annoying work.

There's a reason why every upvote on Reddit or fast purchase of your favorite meal on UberEats feels satisfying. There has been a ton of research and work put on making it seamlessly convenient. Same goes for your favorite video games and entertainment systems - resuming your next episode of your current TV series is so easy because it's right there. Or have you ever marveled at game mechanics where you feel the weight of the sword, or a satisfying confirmation of your strategic action?

With AR/VR steadily coming into our daily lives, there's going to be a need for similar quality experience. XR (AR, VR, & MR) in many cases mimics the real world and thus requires a set of unique skills, mainly how to simulate 3D interactions in VR (or AR), incorporating spatial audio design, and thinking ahead of human actions with a different field of view than reality.

It's hard to imagine how to make this transition to XR from traditional design from other print, digital or game design.

As a designer the best place is to start with industry-recognized software tools. For vast majority that building tool is going to be either Unity or Unreal Engine.

That's why we asked professional AR and VR designers who already walked that path and are the best to rely on for advice on how you can transition into a XR design career.

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XR Designers Interview Series

XR Designer Interview #1: How Aleatha Singleton Found Her Calling in XR

Aleatha Singleton is an Immersive Tech User Experience Designer (UX design) with over 20 years of experience designing solutions for kiosks, websites, mobile apps, desktop software and extended reality for many well-known and not-so-well-known companies. However, she started her career in traditional 2D design field.

Over the years, Aleatha acquired various skills that make her uniquely qualified to perform and promote human-centered design with a specialization in XR and future technology.

Learn how she made a transition into a career she loves!

XR Designer Interview #2: Adriana Vecchioli

Adriana Vecchioli is a multidisciplinary designer and technologist in XR, living in Los Angeles. Before choosing an XR design career she worked in a business development career. But since she’s also an artist she was pulled into the XR career. Learn more about her story and find out how she successfully combined her artistic persona, business acumen and high tech!

XR Designer Interview #3: Eva Kuttichová

Eva is a Product and Interaction Designer focused on innovative applications — mainly AR/VR. She worked for companies such as Osmo, E-line Media, STRV, Toptal, and Vodafone and products from pixel zero for several startups. She has a YouTube channel, where she talks about product design, technology, and AR/VR.

She’s currently a rising star in the AR/VR community and is one to watch! Eva is also sharing her favorite tools and resources she uses on a regular basis for her design projects!

XR Designer Interview #4: Cornel Hillmann

cornel singapore designerCornel Hillmann is a media designer and CG artist with over 20 years of experience in the media and entertainment, advertising and design industry. He has worked with brands including Panasonic, Jaguar, and The Singapore International Film Festival. Cornel has lectured masterclasses for immersive media post-production, advanced 3D-, VR- and media design-courses at Limkokwing University and is the author of the book “UX for XR” (Apress, 2019).

XR Designer Interview #4: Michael Barngrover

Michael Barngrover is a founder of Raptor Dance Studio in Turkey. After being disillusioned about the local support for immersive mediums, he took matters into his own hands and went from game design background into fully VR independent studio.

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