Learn How to Make VR Apps - Meet Brenda Cordova

Last Updated: November 10 2017


Brenda Cordova enrolled with Circuit Stream in the second cohort of our Live Online Virtual Reality Course. After working for several years in digital marketing, Brenda decided it was time to learn the skills in a field she was passionate about: virtual reality. Within weeks of beginning the course, Brenda was learning how to create virtual reality apps for the Samsung GearVR.

Having weekly classes and meetings with her instructor kept her committed to learning Unity and VR Development. Even without prior experience, Brenda was able to progress quickly, ultimately learning how to make her own VR game. But don't take our word for it, check out Brenda's experience:

“I was so scared about touching Unity! It felt so overwhelming … Circuit Stream made it so easy to learn compared to other online courses. In Circuit Stream classes you actually interact with other students. It changed the way I think about Unity.”

Brenda's continuing to work on her app for Samsung GearVR, putting the final touches on it before for publishing on the app store. For more information on our 10-week virtual reality course, and how you can begin creating your own VR apps, check out the Live Online Virtual Reality course page.

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