Learning to Code for VR – Meet Kevin How

Last Updated: September 17 2018


Kevin How attended Circuit Stream's 10-week online VR course to continue his education while balancing full-time work and parenting three children. With no background in programming or computer science, Kevin worried he wouldn't be able to keep up, but Circuit Stream's online courses and 1:1 mentorship took Kevin from someone with no programming experience to a VR developer.

Kevin was interested in computer programming, and taught himself what he could through YouTube tutorials. Without ongoing support from an instructor, however, he found his motivation and interest would taper off before completing any projects.

“What sets Circuit Stream apart is we work on our own personal projects at the school. Over those 10 weeks and 1:1 time, and working on your own project, you get really proficient at the process of building VR apps.”

He found he needed an instructor to help him work through any roadblocks, and to hold him accountable from start to finish. Through 1:1 guidance with our instructors, Kevin learned C# and the building blocks of coding for VR.

“My biggest hurdle was definitely learning C#. It looked like a foreign language to me. I remember the first time that I was able to write my first script and make my script actually do something in VR. It was just an incredible feeling.”

With the flexible online classes, 1:1 mentorship, and guidance in building his own project, Kevin was able to go from novice to experienced in C# coding.

Join Kevin and others like him in taking the next step in developing your programming knowledge in the field of VR/AR. Download our course syllabus today.

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