Making a Career Transition to VR and AR – Meet Mike Oakes

Last Updated: September 12 2018


Mike Oakes came to Circuit Stream with 16 years in IT and database development. He had seen the growing VR/AR industry, but wasn’t sure how to make the leap into a new career. During the 10-week course, he specialized in augmented reality and turned his curiosity into a new profession.

Despite his past IT development experience Mike was new to Unity, and credits his success in Circuit Stream’s course to the 1:1 mentorship with instructors:

“Anybody can pick this up, you just need the right tutor and right environment. Just put the time in, sit in with the instructors, and by the end of that session you’re gonna be proficient with Unity.”

Now, Mike continues to develop programs and apps in Unity and works for Vivarra making AR apps for children. Circuit Stream gave him the skills and confidence to pursue a career in this growing field: “I had complete confidence [that] I could go and do it [this work] because I had already written these kind of augmented experiences in the Circuit Stream course.”

“It’s a perfect time while this is a growing industry to try and get into VR and AR. This investment is for [the] long term [and is] worthwhile if you want to get into virtual reality development.”

Join Mike in this thriving industry, and learn about how Circuit Stream can help you transition into VR/AR development. No matter where you’re coming from and what your level of computer programming experience is, our talented instructors can guide you from beginner to expert in just 10 short weeks. Attend one of our free weekly online workshops, and download the syllabus for more information.

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