From Beginner to Expert – Meet Tyrell Lewin

Last Updated: April 10 2018


Tyrell was a math and computer science major looking to broaden his education and get hands-on experience in virtual reality. He wanted to build a VR baseball game, but tutorials and forums got him nowhere. Then, he found Circuit Stream.

“Beginners get a great introduction to Unity, [and] get to jump right in right away and start making something they can show to their friends and their family.”

Circuit Stream instructor Jason worked with Tyrell to develop Future League Baseball, winning Tyrell a scholarship to the 2018 Game Developer's Conference. He's fully immersed himself in this emerging market as founder of Lit Tech Studios.

“People who are more familiar with Unity get a really good introduction into the VR frameworks and best practices — a lot of the things you don't get from looking around online or on forums on your own.”

Tyrell is now a mentor with the Circuit Stream team, and guides other students in developing in Unity.

“Having a teacher there who's experienced ... really helps in guiding you along on the right path and showing you a good base framework to build any VR app.”

In 10 short weeks, Tyrell developed Future League Baseball and earned himself a scholarship. Join him and others in our online project-based classes with 1-on-1 mentorship where we can help you get started building the project you envision today. Download our syllabus, or attend a free introductory workshop.

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CEO of Circuit Stream

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