The Value of Industry Experts - Curriculum Advisory Board of Circuit Stream’s Unity Developer Bootcamp

February 16 2022

Unity Bootcamp

Even for an educational company that has served the AR/VR and 3D market focused on the popular Unity game engine, the value from the industry thought-leaders and external advisors, comes extremely valuable. For such an exciting new venture such as an immersive environment and real-time 3D, the company has to have connection with the cutting edge of the technology and there’s no better way than to stay in regular touch of veterans and expert practitioners with a comprehensive, practical, and successful track record in the said industry domain.

That’s why Circuit Stream is establishing a Curriculum Advisory Board to complement the Unity Bootcamp course.  Circuit Stream is going to consult with the Advisory Board Members who have real-life experience and insight in the market needs, are first recipients of new trends and practices and are influencing the trajectory of the real-time 3D technology. The Advisory Board serves as an informal body of outside experts which provides feedback and fills gaps in expertise and contacts.

Circuit Stream is bringing industry’s thought-leaders to ensure the content and curriculum is always updated and meet the market requirements. This way, the students who decide to take the 24-week Unity Bootcamp are not only equipped with latest knowledge but also get expert recommendation, networking, and mentorship opportunities from the industry leaders when entering the competitive job market.


Active Members of Unity Bootcamp Curriculum Advisory Board

The Curriculum Advisory Board members are invited and chosen based on their industry-domain contribution and excellence in the field of design, development, and business acumen.


Cornel Hillmann, Author of the book “UX for XR: User Experience Design and Strategies for Immersive Environments and Creative Director at Studio CG Artist


Ric Neil, Senior Manager and member of Global Strategic Partnership Group at Unity Technologies


Paul Parkinson, Architect and Developer Advocate focusing on XR at Oracle


Aleatha Singleton, XR Design Pioneer of Immersive Tech specializing in UX and UI


Joey Raiton, Head of Design at Education Modernization Team at Meta


Patricia Esteban, Senior Consultant, XR Ambassador and XR Team Lead at IBM


Scott Holden, Systems Specialist and APEX & XR Developer at BMW Manufacturing Co.


Jeremy Roland, Application Development Associate Manager and Developer at Accenture. Founding Member at Open AR Cloud


Kristin Torrence, Head of Learning Engineering, Talespin


What you can expect from Board Members

Circuit Stream Head of Education and instructors will meet with Curriculum Advisory Boards and adjust the course program according to new standards and recommended changes.

  • Relevant Market & Industry Demands

The Curriculum Advisory Board members are the first recipients of the new practices and market needs in the 3D technology. With their extensive experience you will be rest assured that the course material is up to date and meets the industry and market demands.


  • Quarterly Meetings

Circuit Stream educational staff will be meeting with the Board Members 3-4 times per year and review the curriculum contents against the market demands. This way the course materials will always be up-to-date and is giving Unity Bootcamp students a competitive advantage in the job market.


  • Open Advisory Seats

The current members of the Curriculum Advisory board are eligible to serve a three-year term on the committee. However, Circuit Stream is always open to accept experts from the 3D technology field who are shaping the industry.

The board members are also going to appear as guest speakers on lectures, workshops and webinars and will actively participate on students’ pitch days offering their feedback and recommendations.


Looking to become a member of the Curriculum Advisory Board?

Looking to transfer your knowledge, build connections, and advise on practical needs to young, talented, and motivated people who are shaping the future of 3D and immersive environments?

If you have more than 5 years of experience in the field of 3D development or design, check out our Advisory Board Brochure here.


Dejan Gajsek

Content Marketing

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