October 11, 2022
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How to Pass the Unity Certification Exam and Earn Your Unity Badge


Dejan Gajsek

A Unity certification is essential for Unity developers who are aspiring to break through the game development industry. It is an excellent addition to your resume, emphasizing your qualifications and expertise to take on the role of a certified Unity developer.

In this article, we take a deep dive into Unity certifications – their significance, the different certification programs, and how to get started and pass the certification exam.

What Is Unity Certification?

A Unity certification shows that your proficiency in a certain skill set meets the baseline required from Unity developers working in the industry. There are eleven Unity certifications available, with each badge corresponding to a certain skill level for different career paths.

Unity Certifications Website

Aspirants, from beginners to seasoned Unity developers, can take the certification programs at any time. With a Unity badge in your LinkedIn profile, you have an edge over the rest of the crowd who are applying for positions in game and software development.

How Important Is Unity Certification?

Cross-platform game engine Unity is among the major players in the bustling world of game development. The large-scale adoption of Unity for building games ranging from mobile games to indie titles inspires many to make a career out of game development.

Source: unity.com

Not to mention, Unity is free for all to download and experiment with in building their projects. The C# programming syntax is easy to pick up as well, debunking the myth that game development requires prior programming knowledge.

Making an effort to learn Unity, however, is not an instant ticket to a lucrative game development job. On top of an impressive portfolio, you will need to promote yourself in every way possible to grab the attention of people – from fellow Unity developers and gaming enthusiasts to recruiters of developer studios.

The competition is tight. Simply calling yourself a Unity developer won’t make the cut. Fortunately, Unity certifications showcase your expertise in your field of choice.

A Unity certification meets industry standards and is recognized by developer studios of all sizes. There are 11 Unity certifications available, namely:

Associate certifications are appropriate for beginners, while professional and expert certifications are more suitable for the skill levels of junior and senior game developers.

Unity certifications are not at all required by developer studios. However, they can be your competitive edge to stand out from the rest of the crowd. With a Unity certification for your specialization, a polished resume, and a diverse project portfolio, you will be winning recruiters’ approval in no time.

The demand for Unity developers goes well beyond video game design. Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), for instance, require game engines for design prototyping, real-time 3D experiences, and AR/VR app development.

Heavy rendering and animations in the movie industry also benefit from robust game engines. Photo-realistic assets, innovative lighting, and complex background compositions can be taken care of by an expert artist or Unity developer.

The deciding factor in an aspirant’s success in landing a career in any of the aforementioned industries may very well be a Unity certification. Such a certification highlights your proficiency, raising your chance to be picked among the candidates.

Unity Certification Program Levels

As mentioned earlier, Unity certifications are categorized into different levels corresponding to the years of experience in Unity development.

Certified User

A Unity Certified User certification determines an individual’s proficiency in the fundamentals of Unity development. Students, hobbyists, and professionals alike are welcome to take the Unity Certified User certification exam.


Unity Associate certifications are fitting for post-secondary graduates and anyone interested in applying for entry-level Unity development roles.


Developers who have been working with Unity in the industry of their choice for two to four years are qualified to take the examination for the Unity Professional certification. This certification program puts higher-level Unity skills and knowledge to the test.


The Unity Expert certification is most suitable for professional Unity developers who have been working in the scene for over five years. It is the highest level of Unity certification available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unity Certifications

How difficult is the Unity certification exam?

Unity certification examinations are relative to the level of Unity certification you are aiming for. For instance, expert certification exams challenge the test taker’s aptitude in accomplishing Unity projects fitting for senior developer roles.

Circuit Stream offers excellent study material to help you ace your certification exams.

The 10-week XR Development with Unity course offered by Circuit Stream is a great alternative without compromising the quality of lessons and projects. After completing this course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to pass the Unity Certified User examination.

If you are aiming for a Unity Associate certification, you may also want to check out and join the Unity Developer Bootcamp hosted by top-rated educators of Circuit Stream.

Is a Unity certification useful?

Yes! A Unity certification establishes your credentials as a Unity developer. The certification is recognized by the rest of the game development industry.

Many will dabble and explore the Unity game engine, only to leave their projects unfinished. What sets Unity Certified developers apart from hobbyists is their perseverance in getting a good grasp of the fundamentals and core skills. And with a Unity certification, you can prove you have the grit, personality, and proficiency to work as a professional Unity developer.

How long does it take to become a Unity certified developer?

Do Unity certifications expire?

Yes, they do. Unity certifications are valid for three years from the date you earned your certification. To retain your Unity Certified developer status, you must retake the certification exam.

How much does a Unity certification cost?

A Unity certification costs anywhere from $259 to $349, depending on the certification level. Unity certifications are available as vouchers that you can purchase from the official site.

Below is a table with the prices per Unity certification for every level:

ArtistNo price stated$259$259-
Technical Artist---$349
Game Developer-$259--
VR Developer$60---

Certification exams have varying prerequisites which you may want to check on their respective pages. Unity certification vouchers, exams, practice tests, and courseware are published by Pearson. Unity Certified User: Programmer certification exams and review material are published by Certiport and are available for school or individual purchase.

Prep and Practice for the Unity Certification Exam

To study efficiently for the exam, you will need to dedicate several hours on the Unity platform. In fact, Unity suggests working up to 150 hours around the software to become familiar with the interface, functions, and tools.

Work on Projects

The best way to master Unity is by gaining hands-on experience with your very own Unity game. A simple video game project helps you put the concepts you’ve learned into real-life application. Building projects with a difficulty level relative to the complexity of the workload expected from the job role you’re considering gives you insights about the workflow waiting for you on the professional scene.

Study the Unity Manual and Scripting API

Unity offers a broad database of resources and references to help you navigate the Unity platform. But did you know the user manual and scripting API are also excellent study materials? The Unity manual and API can refresh your memory with the abundance of tutorials and scripting references that may come in handy for the certification exam.

Purchase Practice Tests and Courseware

Unity offers practice tests and courseware for every certification exam. These materials can help you prepare for the actual flow of the certification exams. However, they are expensive, costing over $100 per material.

Join Prep Courses

Unity also offers preparatory courses, although learners have mixed reviews about the quality of the lessons.

Unity online courses from Circuit Stream are an excellent alternative. Ask your instructors for feedback and advice to improve your practice or use the Circuit Stream’s private Discord community (available to anyone who takes any of our paid courses) and approach your peers for personal advice.

Helpful Questions to Practice for Your Certification Exam

Our contributors at Circuit Stream put together a database of mock questions and tutorials to serve as a review guide. Pass your Unity certification exam and be a part of our growing community of Unity Certified developers.

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