Developer 101 : Get Your VR and AR Device Setup in Developer Mode and Start Programming in Unity

Last Updated: July 12 2019

Setting up your device in developer mode to start building your VR/AR app in Unity is the first step to app development. Your AR or VR device can be setup for programming by following these tutorials listed below. This is your first step to becoming a VR developer, congratulations! Let's get your device setup.

Each device, regardless of which one you own or develop for, needs some configuration before you can start VR development. Once you have Unity downloaded and installed, you'll want to create a Unity account ID to log and publish your projects. This is also how you can access all the resources Unity has to offer, like software development kits, documentation, community forums, and more.

Here's the setup guide to put VR/AR devices into developer mode:

  • Here's your guide to setting up Oculus Quest into developer mode and start developing in OpenVR
  • The HTC Vive is a leading favourite around here. We have quite a few programming guides and tutorials to help you setup and start VR development.
  • Microsoft HoloLens is a fantastic and durable augmented reality and mixed reality headset. It's one of the most popular AR headsets used in the enterprise and for training scenarios.
  • Since its release in 2018, we've been impressed by the Magic Leap One. Its one of the leading AR devices, so knowing how to set it up into developer mode will keep you ahead of the competition.
  • The Oculus Rift is one of many from Oculus, and one of the best VR headsets on the market. Setting up the Oculus for VR development is important to keep your app versatile across devices.

Other VR devices:

  • The VR headset Google DayDream is portable and compatible with mobile devices, making it a great option for developers.
  • To setup your Samsung GearVR into developer mode, follow these instructions.
  • Microsoft's headset Windows Mixed Reality is another option for VR development.

For Mobile devices:

  • If you're an Android user, here's how to setup ARCore.
  • For iOS devices, you'll need our guide to ARKit.
  • There are Mobile VR headsets you can develop for, including Oculus Go.
  • To build AR for a mobile device, your best bet is to get developing with Vuforia.

I'm set up, what now?

You're now ready to start developing apps for your device! 81% of professional developers started programming as a hobby and turned that passion into a career. Learning on your own is doable, but difficult. We can help with that.

We host free introductory workshops that give you a strong foundation to build on. Our expert instructors lead these workshops live so you can ask questions and get answers in real-time. The workshops get you started, but if you really want to hit the ground running to build your project, our online course is ideal.

Our 10-week XR Development with Unity course is the best investment you can make in your VR/AR education and project. With one-on-one mentorship, project-based learning, and ongoing support from instructors, we've helped both beginner and expert developers build a polished app in ten short weeks. Download our syllabus to see what we have to offer!

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