Vantage Airport Group Uses VR - Meet Pascal Poudenx

Last Updated: May 25 2020

Pascal Poudenx is the manager of Process Design and Sustainability at Vantage Airport Group. Vantage Airport Group designs, operates, and develops airports worldwide. Pascal joined Circuit Stream in our second cohort of the VR Development with Unity course. Now, he's creating a virtual reality app for the Oculus Rift. Pascal explains:

"Without the guidance of an experienced teacher ... you risk the problem of getting sidetracked and spending a lot of time learning about elements that may not be necessarily applicable to what you're trying to do."

Pascal uses the VR application at Vantage to ease the process of designing new airports, training staff, and simulating passenger flows in new terminals.

“Throughout the 10-weeks of the program we developed a VR app ... allowing us to train our staff ... and make them become comfortable with new procedures ahead of a new airport being created."

Pascal isn't the only course participant using VR on behalf of his company; Olivier Leroux also enrolled in the VR Development with Unity course to design a virtual tour application on the Oculus Rift for his company Impact VR.

If you're a working professional thinking about how to apply virtual reality or augmented reality to your company, check out our VR Development with Unity course or click the link below to schedule a free setup call where we can help you get started with VR and Unity.

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