Student Spotlight: Mike Waldron – From an Aerospace Engineer to the CEO of a VR Studio

Read the Story of Mike Waldron — a Lockheed Martin aviation engineer turned VR Studio founder. Mike did not have any XR development experience before.

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How to Create Your Own AR Business Card or Animated 3D Postcard

You’re not impressing anyone with that paper. That’s why you’re going to learn how to create your own AR Business Card or Animated 3D Postcard with this guide.

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What is Mixed Reality? Benefits, Uses, and All You Need to Know

Everything that you always wanted to know about mixed reality. What MR is, what are best mixed reality headsets, and how to use them for business or development. Read the definitive mixed reality guide here.

The Ultimate Showdown: Valve Index vs Vive Pro vs Reverb G2

Let’s settle once and for all what’s the next best PC VR headset for you: Valve Index, HTC Vive Pro, or the upcoming HP Reverb G2. This the ultimate showdown of performance VR headsets worthy of your hard-earned money.

3D Audio Primer: How to Design Sound for XR Applications

Sound constitutes up to 50% of AR/VR experience. Learn how to design the 3D audio for immersive experiences by reading our spatial XR sound guide

Oculus Quest 2: The Perfect VR Entry Headset?

Oculus Quest 2, the newest standalone VR headset from Facebook is about to arrive in October. Is it worth all the hype amassed so far? Let’s find out.

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HoloLens 2 Setup Guide – Prepare your HoloLens 2 for Development in Unity

Learn how to setup, prepare and get your HoloLens 2 ready for the development of mixed reality applications. The guide explain the setup in Unity 3d engine.

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Student Spotlight: Beatriz Junquera — A 3D Graphic Artist Turned AR Storyteller

Beatriz is a CG 3D artist who fell in love with augmented reality technology. She combined the enthusiasm with Spanish heritage. Check her story.

HP Reverb G2: Is HP going to Disrupt the VR Hardware Market

Does the latest HP Reverb G2 beats the market? Let’s find out. We put out together everything you need to know about G2 before it goes on the shopping shelves.