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Interviews with XR Designers: Michael Barngrover, From Game Design to XR

Michael Barngrover is mostly self-taught XR designer/developer who created an XR studio in Turkey after being said “no” too many times.

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16 Augmented Reality Glasses of 2021 (with Features Breakdowns)

16 Augmented Reality glasses in 2021 for businesses and people in athletics, manufacturing, shopping, healthcare, remote work, logistics and more.

augmented reality examples
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12 Examples of Augmented Reality in Different Industries

Interested to know where augmented reality has already found its place? Here are 12 different industries which embraced AR immersive technology. Learn more.

beginner-friendly ar and vr tutorials in unity3d
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XR Unity Beginner Tutorials for New Developers (with Video Recordings)

Just starting out with AR or VR development? These XR unity tutorials are the best way to learn the basics of XR development and start building your portfolio.

ux for xr
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Interviews with XR Designers: Cornel Hillmann, Author of the book UX for XR

Cornel Hillmann is a media designer and CG artist with over 20 years of experience in the design, advertising and media industry. He’s wrote the first book on UX for XR released in Jun, 2021.

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Beginners Guide to Development with Git

Using best practices in development is one of the essential routines to adopt if you don’t want to lose your mind. In this guide you’ll learn how to use Git.

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XR Unity Tutorial: How to Create your Own AR Enabled T-Shirt

Plain t-shirts and garments? That’s a thing of the past. In this Unity XR Tutorial you are going to turn your plain clothes into a AR enabled shirt. Let’s get started!

Build your own instagram unity face filters
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XR Unity Tutorial: Build Instagram or Snapchat-like AR Face Filters in Unity

Always wondered how those face filters on your smartphone work? In this AR beginner Unity tutorial you are going to learn how to build one yourself!

ar business card
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XR Unity Tutorial: How to Create Your Own AR Business Card or Animated 3D Postcard

You’re not impressing anyone with that paper. That’s why you’re going to learn how to create your own AR Business Card or Animated 3D Postcard with this guide.