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How to Set Up Your HoloLens in Developer Mode for Unity and Build AR Apps

This Unity tutorial will take you through step-by-step so you can start developing for HoloLens.

Guide to Spatial Mapping
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Spatial Mapping Explained: Your Guide to How Augmented Reality Works

When it comes to using augmented reality devices, the device must create an understanding of your physical space. But how does this understanding of your space translate into being able to interact with virtual objects? What is Spatial Mapping?

Magic Leap MR glasses
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3 Step Guide to Magic Leap Setup and Unity Configuration

When learning VR/AR development, you’ll need to rely on programming guides and tutorials. Whether you’re learning to code C#, develop in Unity, or build VR/AR apps, there are core skills and pieces of advice you should know.

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How to Deploy your AR App onto Magic Leap for Testing

You’ve set up your Magic Leap One for development & built an AR app. Here are the four steps you need todeploy your app onto Magic Leap One and test its functionality.

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Unity Programming Guide to Using Occlusion to Make X-Ray Tools and Reveal Hidden Objects

Occlusion happens when a 3D object blocks the view of another 3D object; it gives your virtual space a feeling of depth and immersion. We’ll show you how to use occlusion as a tool within your own application.

arkit mobile ar
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The 13 Step Tutorial to Setting Up Apple ARKit to Start Developing Mobile Apps

AR and VR development can be challenging, but setting up your device into developer mode doesn’t have to be. If your goal is to start development for iOS devices, you’ll want to read our developer setup guide.

Setting up Google ARCore
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Building AR on Your Android with ARCore is Easier Than You Think

Building AR apps for your Android or other mobile device is easy — once you know how to setup ARCore and put your device into developer mode. Here’s how to start development on device.

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Guide for Mobile VR Apps on the Oculus Go, Samsung GearVR and Google DayDream

There are three mobile VR headsets that you’ll want to be familiar with: Oculus Go, Samsung GearVR, and Google DayDream. As a prospective VR developer, knowing how to setup developer mode on these VR devices will give you a competitive edge.

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Vuforia Unity Setup : Building AR for Android and iOS

Vuforia is one of the best tools to build augmented reality for mobile devices. Yes, even for both iOS and Android. To enable developer mode and setup, you’ll want to follow these instructions.