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Making a Career Transition to VR and AR – Meet Mike Oakes

Mike Oakes had seen the growing VR/AR industry, but wasn’t sure how to make the leap into a new career. During the 10-week course, he specialized in augmented reality and turned his curiosity into a new profession.

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Bringing Creativity Into VR – Meet Olivier Leroux

Olivier Leroux enrolled in Circuit Stream’s Live Online Virtual Reality Course to learn how to make Oculus Rift VR apps for his company, Impact VR. Our instructors ensured he became familiar with Unity, and gave Olivier the tools to create his idea in virtual reality.

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Creating Your First Virtual Reality Application – Meet Nicholas Armstrong

Despite not having much familiarity with VR, his company quickly agreed and asked Nicholas to find VR development training. Fortunately, Circuit Stream’s 10-week course was exactly what Nicholas was seeking.

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Learning Unity to create VR Films – Meet Nathan Estabrooks

One of the most prominent opportunities for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications will be throughout the film industry. For Nathan Estabrooks, he’s decided to go back to school to learn how he can add new skills to his repertoire.

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From Beginner to Expert – Meet Tyrell Lewin

Tyrell was a math and computer science major looking to broaden his education and get hands-on experience in virtual reality. He wanted to build a VR baseball game, but tutorials and forums got him nowhere. Then, he found Circuit Stream.

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Learn How to Make VR Apps – Meet Brenda Cordova

Brenda Cordova enrolled with Circuit Stream in the second cohort of our Live Online Virtual Reality Course. Within weeks of beginning the course, Brenda was learning how to create virtual reality apps for the Samsung GearVR.