learn vr around the world
10 Cities Around the World Where You Can Learn VR

There are many ways to learn virtual reality, and many students prefer a face-to-face environment. This kind of learning is traditionally offered through universities, workshops, and bootcamps. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top virtual reality courses by city.

Magic Leap MR glasses
3 Step Guide to Magic Leap Setup and Unity Configuration

When learning VR/AR development, you’ll need to rely on programming guides and tutorials. Whether you’re learning to code C#, develop in Unity, or build VR/AR apps, there are core skills and pieces of advice you should know.

How to Deploy your AR App onto Magic Leap for Testing

You’ve set up your Magic Leap One for development & built an AR app. Here are the four steps you need todeploy your app onto Magic Leap One and test its functionality.

Unity Programming Guide to Using Occlusion to Make X-Ray Tools and Reveal Hidden Objects

Occlusion happens when a 3D object blocks the view of another 3D object; it gives your virtual space a feeling of depth and immersion. We’ll show you how to use occlusion as a tool within your own application.

Mixed reality use cases
5 Industries Mixed Reality Will Transform Through Magic Leap

To keep a competitive edge, industry leaders need to consider new innovative technology and determine how it can amplify their product, processes, and business. We break down the ways AR and the Magic Leap One can strengthen your enterprise.

Learning to Code for VR – Meet Kevin How

Kevin How attended Circuit Stream’s 10-week online VR course to continue his education while balancing full-time work and parenting three children. With no background in programming or computer science, Kevin worried he wouldn’t be able to keep up, but Circuit Stream’s online courses and 1:1 mentorship took Kevin from someone with no programming experience to a VR developer.

who can fund your xr project
13 of the Best Funding Resources to Check Out to Finance Your VR/AR Idea

We’ve done the digging & have compiled this list of VR/AR funding resources and investors to take your virtual idea into reality.

Making a Career Transition to VR and AR – Meet Mike Oakes

Mike Oakes had seen the growing VR/AR industry, but wasn’t sure how to make the leap into a new career. During the 10-week course, he specialized in augmented reality and turned his curiosity into a new profession.

shooting, grabbing and throwing in unity
Unity Programming Guide to Shooting, Throwing, and More with HTC Vive

Whether it’s grabbing and throwing objects or, more specifically, programming a VR FPS app and shooting objects, we include and explain the code you need to program your own FPS with the HTC Vive.