Student Spotlight: Matt DiLallo – Builder of VR Casinos

From student to builder of the most popular VR game on SteamVR. Learn how Matt DiLallo became an expert XR developer and designer.

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Student Spotlight: Chris Rojas – Spacecraft Lead Engineer and AR Expert Developer

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VR Locomotion: How to Move in VR Environment

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Student Spotlight: Mike Waldron – From an Aerospace Engineer to the CEO of a VR Studio

Read the Story of Mike Waldron — a Lockheed Martin aviation engineer turned VR Studio founder. Mike did not have any XR development experience before.

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How to Create Your Own AR Business Card or Animated 3D Postcard

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What is Mixed Reality? Benefits, Uses, and All You Need to Know

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Virtual reality jobs are in huge demand. In this article we’re taking a look at job requirements, their pay scales and the future trends. Do you have the skills needed?

The Ultimate Showdown: Valve Index vs Vive Pro vs Reverb G2

Let’s settle once and for all what’s the next best PC VR headset for you: Valve Index, HTC Vive Pro, or the upcoming HP Reverb G2. This the ultimate showdown of performance VR headsets worthy of your hard-earned money.