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Oculus Quest 2: The Perfect VR Entry Headset?

Oculus Quest 2, the newest standalone VR headset from Facebook is about to arrive in October. Is it worth all the hype amassed so far? Let’s find out.

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HP Reverb G2: Is HP going to Disrupt the VR Hardware Market

Does the latest HP Reverb G2 beats the market? Let’s find out. We put out together everything you need to know about G2 before it goes on the shopping shelves.

Oculus Link Circuit Stream
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All You Need to Know About Oculus Link

To fully take advantage of the Oculus Quest headset, you will need to use Oculus Link with your performance laptop or desktop computer.

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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: The Developer’s Dilemma

Augmented reality vs virtual reality. Which is the right career choice for developers? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

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Will it Run? VR Hardware Requirements for your PC or Laptop

Is your PC or laptop ready for VR? Or do you want to purchase one that will easily handle all the latest VR apps? This guide will answer all your questions.

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How to Design User Interfaces for Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Applications

Design is the most important foundation for building AR/VR applications. In this guide we’re taking a look at principles for designing User Interfaces for Oculus Quest hand tracking applications.

Guide to Virtual Reality
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What is Virtual Reality: The Essential Guide to Our Simulated Future

Everything you wanted to know about virtual reality. From what virtual reality is, which vr devices you can use and what’s the best current software out there.

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HTC vs Oculus: An In-Depth Guide On Which Headset Is Better For Gaming, Business, or Personal Use

HTC vs Oculus – a in-depth comparison guide on which virtual reality headset is the best for you. We are looking at different models: Rift, Quest and Go from Oculus versus Vive and Cosmos on the HTC side.

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VR and AR in Education

Find out why educating with VR or AR is so successful, along with some tips for how you can get started teaching with the technology of the future.