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Virtual Reality Controllers: The Way of Interacting in the Metaverse

Every virtual reality system comes with a headset, software and its VR controllers. In this guide we are finding out how controllers work and which ones best serve your needs.

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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: The Developer’s Dilemma

So you want to become an XR developer? Are you leaning towards AR or VR development? You don’t know? Here are the basic differences between the two mediums.

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Tips on How to Get Started with XR Design

Eva Kuttichová is sharing her personal experiences and tips on how to get started with AR and VR design on your own. Her motto: Create more than you consume!

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Interviews with XR Designers: Eva Kuttichová Didn’t Choose XR, XR Chose Her

Eva is an up and coming XR designer and YouTube creator. Her passion for design and new emerging technologies lead her straight into the arms of XR! She already worked with TopTal, Vodafone and Osmo.

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Interviews with XR Designers: How Adriana Vecchioli Transitioned from Business to XR Design Career

Before choosing an AR/VR Adriana worked in a business development sector. Since she’s also an artist she was pulled into the XR career. Learn more about story.

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How Circuit Stream Badges and Certifications Enhance Your XR Skills and Career Opportunities

With Circuit Stream Certifications you will have an industry-recognized standard of AR/VR skill mastery and stand out of the crowd when entering a job market.

why ux designers need to learn ar
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Why Every UX Designer Should Learn AR

Here’s how you’ll have an upper hand if you start learning augmented reality skills as a designer. New medium brings new opportunities – be ahead of the curve!

Valve Index 2021
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Valve Index: Still A Great Choice in 2021?

Valve Index once dominated the premium VR headset market. But is Index still a viable choice in 2021? Let’s explore whether the headset is as fantastic today.

Oculus Link Circuit Stream
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All You Need to Know About Oculus (Air) Link

To fully take advantage of the Oculus Quest headset, you will need to use Oculus Link or Air Link v28 software update with your performance laptop or desktop computer.