Guide to Spatial Mapping
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Spatial Mapping Explained: Your Guide to How Augmented Reality Works

When it comes to using augmented reality devices, the device must create an understanding of your physical space. But how does this understanding of your space translate into being able to interact with virtual objects? What is Spatial Mapping?

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Unity Programming Guide to Picking Up Objects Using Your HTC Vive Controller

The HTC Vive headset needs specific code before we can pick up and grab objects in our apps. In this article we’ll go over that required code, assigning functions to controller buttons, and to get your hands dirty in Vive’s virtual sandbox.

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4 Steps to Set Up Required Code for HTC Vive Controllers

The HTC Vive has remarkable immersion and tracking capabilities, but before you start programming specific functions to your controllers, there’s some required code you need to include.

Windows MR headset
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Setting Up Your Windows Mixed Reality Headset So You Can Start Building MR Apps

Windows Mixed Reality is a fantastic headset that powers VR headsets from Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Dell and HP. If you want to develop your app to work with it, however, there’s some quick steps you’ll need to enable developer mode.

Unity VR Tutorial HTC Vive
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How to Set Up HTC Vive in Unity

In this set of Unity VR tutorials, we’re going to cover setting up HTC Vive for VR development, using the HTC Vive controller, interacting with objects in VR and several other topics used for creating an HTC Vive Unity application.