Unity Bootcamp Skills Quiz

If you're interested in applying for the 24-week Unity Developer Bootcamp this
quiz is designed for you. 

This 20 question quiz will let you know if you would be a successful candidate for Unity Bootcamp based on your current level of C# and Unity Engine knowledge.

 Unity Bootcamp overview and the application process

STEP 1 Determine if you are interested in Unity Bootcamp

If you haven't already, visit the Unity Bootcamp course page to get an overview of the program. 

The 24-week Unity Bootcamp is designed for individuals who have some Unity editor and C# scripting knowledge. The Skills Quiz will let you know if you have the skills to be accepted into the program.

Once you've completed the Skills Quiz and passed you're ready to submit your application. A score of 10 or higher means you're ready for Bootcamp!

Application Deadline: April 5th

Once you have passed the Unity Bootcamp Skills Quiz and submitted your application we will schedule a call for you to meet with the enrollment team.