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Case Study

Virtual Reality Streamlines Airport Safety

The Challenge

To increase safety and reduce risks for employees working on runways, Vantage Airport Group hoped to build a VR training simulator. They approached Circuit Stream to develop the application and increase training efficiency over traditional methods.

Our Approach

We designed a VR safety training application that streamlines training, improves retention, and ensures a safe workplace for airside employees and passengers across the global Vantage network.

The Result

Circuit Stream has mitigated millions of dollars of risk in potential accidents and revenue loss for Vantage by developing an application that ingrains safety standards in all airside employees.

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AR Visualizes Mineral Exploration

The Challenge

Minerva Intelligence needed a new way to visualize geophysical mapping data. Circuit Stream’s app development and integrated learning allowed Minerva to design custom models for their clients.

Our Approach

We designed an interactive AR visualization app that presents 3D models of a mineral exploration site and mineralization data. Minerva demonstrates value to clients, while the education we provided allows Minerva to build custom models for clients.

The Result

AR visualization facilitates meaningful communication between clients and stakeholders while providing a novel macro context for geologists, expediting analysis and accelerating exploration strategies.

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