Deferral Requests

Last modified: November 5, 2022


Each student is eligible for one Deferral (a “Deferral”) per enrollment, which is dependent on the number of seats available in the subsequent cohort, to which they are to be deferred.

Please note that if a student is granted a Deferral, they are no longer eligible for refunds. For more information, please refer to the Refund Policy.

Conditions: Deferrals can only be processed up to the Registration Deadline for the cohort the student is currently enrolled in, i.e. eight days before the course start date. If the course has already started, the student is no longer eligible for a Deferral.*

Extenuating circumstances: In the case of extenuating circumstances, and considering the student has not reached the course halfway point, Circuit Stream may consider Deferral requests upon proof of evidence.

Examples of extenuating circumstances:

  • A serious medical emergency that impairs the student for the remaining duration of the course
  • Natural Disasters

Please note that having multiple competing responsibilities or dissatisfaction with the course (although unlikely) is not sufficient to be considered extenuating circumstances.

Examples of multiple competing responsibilities:

  • Moving
  • Changes in jobs or workload
  • Vacation or holidays
  • Any non-severe medical sickness without valid medical proof or short-term severe sickness

Please note that, while we cannot honor mid-course Deferrals under these circumstances, we understand that life happens and we are committed to supporting our students. In these situations, students can take advantage of any (or all) of our educational resources:

Educational resources available include:

  • Lifetime access to all course materials and recordings of Live Sessions
  • Live support via instructor Office Hours, open to current students and Alumni
  • Offline support and engagement via our Slack XR Community
  • 1:1s for students who purchase a PLUS Pack Students must be aware that these resources are essential learning components of the program and allow the student to adequately absorb the course material covered in the live sessions.

Deferral Request Procedure: Please request your deferral by filling out this form. We will consider the request date as the submission date. Please allow 1-2 business days for the deferral to be processed. We will contact you with the result of the Deferral request.

*Circuit Stream reserves the right to approve or deny any Deferral requests at any time.