Custom AR/VR Training Programs for Your Team

Tailored learning programs to equip your team with the tools and industry-recognized skills necessary to build for XR, and create measurable impact to solve your business challenges.

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Make a real change in your business by building a team of skilled XR employees


Personalized Program, Tailored 100% to You

Work with our XR experts to customize your training path and learning curriculum unique to your challenges. We’ll frame the training so you can focus on content that will be most impactful to your business needs.


Flexible Schedule and Delivery

Learn at a pace and format that meets your objectives. We provide a combination of live group training, as well as personalized 1-on-1 led by domain-experts to support each of your team member's goals.


Expert 1:1 Support, Delivered Your Way

Your enterprise training will include 1:1 mentorship to get hands-on with a qualified expert. With enterprise training, you will be able to customize the delivery that best suits your goals -- whether per-individual, or as a group. Enjoy the continued support even after your training program is finished.

Train Your Team on the Technology That's Transforming Business

The benefits of XR extend across a multitude of industries and use-cases. Here are some of the common examples.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Immersive XR experiences have cut-down AEC companies, costs and minimized product development lifecycles.

Operations and Manufacturing

Create realistic scenarios, and replace time-consuming, costly training programs to ones that are safer, cost effective, and measurable.

Automotive, Aerospace and Aviation

Cooperate across the different geographical locations and speed up maintenance of complex systems with XR collaborative designs and remote AR worker management.


Industry leading certifications to validate your expertise in XR. Designed by Circuit Stream, for Unity

Circuit Stream has partnered with Unity to equip your team with the tools and expertise necessary to gain industry-recognized skills. With our courses, use the skills to pursue a Unity Certification, and stand-out from the crown.

Getting Unity Certified builds credibility and validates your expertise with an industry-recognized credential.

✓ Provides measurable objectives for levelling-up
✓ Ensures your teams skills are in place to drive maximum productivity


Are you ready to build for the future?

We're launching our first cohort this fall. Submit your application to be the first to hear when it goes live!


Unity Authorized Training Partner

Circuit Stream is a Unity Channel Partner and authorized training provider. Partners are approved based on their expertise, focus on quality education and a commitment to providing the highest level of training available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of the courses? Is it recorded?

All instruction is taught live and online. We blend hands-on project-based learning, with live, lecture-based demos to ensure you get theoretical and applied experience with us. All sessions will be recorded for you to go back and rewatch later at any time. In addition to the recordings, all project files, and additional resources will be yours to keep!

YES! We offer both targeted private training content on core fundamentals as well as custom learning objectives for our clients. Our first step for any team training engagement is to better understand your goals and ensure we are solving your challenges.

We believe that fundamentally it’s better to be trained by experts in a live setting rather than in a pre-recorded manner. This allows for your employees to have a personalized experience and to get answers in real-time when there are questions. Moreover, having the opportunity to create a curated curriculum allows us to teach you and your team exactly what you’d like to learn and to focus on projects that you’re passionate about and may need support with.

We offer flexible training suited to your goals and your schedule. Training typically takes place in a ‘bootcamp’ style environment, usually over a period of 2-4 weeks. We can be flexible when scheduling training sessions, but most sessions are 90 minutes and are done either daily, or every other day, across the 2-4 weeks.

Yes! When you complete this course we will provide you with a certificate of completion. If you’ve chosen to take the Unity certification route, your team will also have the tools and skills to prepare you to pursue a Unity certification. 

A computer powerful enough to run Unity and a stable internet connection are the only two hard requirements for the course. Mac or PC computers will do, though PC is generally preferred by the XR development community. In terms of smartphones and head-mounted VR/AR devices, we can work with any major brands (Android/IOS, Oculus, HoloLens, Vive, etc.) so no particular device is required in order to complete our programs. For our more traditional courses, we do recommend having access to a VR headset, but that may not be necessary depending on the nature of your custom training engagement with us.

We run our classes through Zoom through our Circuit Stream learning platform, which is where your course resources, live sessions, and session recordings will live. Should there be any issues with the delivery of the course, we will be happy to work with you and customize delivery to your enterprise requirements.

We usually work with a minimum of 5 people for a team engagement and can go as high as needed to support your learning needs.

It always depends on the nature of the training. We have a series of tutorials and guides that we offer to beginners if they would like to get started early, but more often than not it’s unnecessary to do any extra-curricular practice prior to the course commencement. 

All students will have lifetime access to all lesson recordings, learning materials as well as our network of students and alumni via our community Slack channel. Beyond that, our instructors are available to answer ad hoc questions beyond learning sessions, open office hours and our forum in the community channels. Depending on the type of training engagement, we may also include 1:1 training sessions in the learning path if desired.