HoloLens 2 Hand Tracking and UI

Beginner | $1,485 USD | 6 weeks

Starting with Circuit Stream’s HoloLens Hand Tracking Playground project, learners will explore the three standard methods of hand tracking interactions: direct manipulation, hand rays / far interaction, and gestures. Near the end of the course we’ll also touch on some experimental methods such as portals, puppeteering, amplification, and sign language. Throughout the course we’ll explore Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Toolkit’s excellent UI controls and work to understand which controls are appropriate when, and what the limitations of each control are.

Course Overview

Live Online Tutorials

3Hours of

Courses are taught live twice a week for 90 minutes each. By the end of the course, you will be fully prepared to build their robust hand tracking interfaces for their own app. You will have a completely set-up development environment that’s capable of building and deploying an app powered by MRTK, which is a perfect starting point to launch/distribute any app from square one to the Microsoft Store.

Office Hours


Office hours are held live once a week for 90 minutes and are intended to give students support as they progress throughout the course.

Students are encouraged to bring questions which will be answered in real time. Troubleshooting, code logic, insights into design and more.

  • Unity Editor Level: Foundational, but the more the better
  • Comfort Level with HoloLens: None
  • HoloLens 2, Magic Leap or a 6DOF VR Headset like Rift, Quest, Vive, Index or WMR
  • Development computer capable of running Unity

    1 Dev Environment and MRTK Setup

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Create a project powered by MRTK

    - Properly build a UWP app from the project, debug it, and deploy to device

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Creating a playable piano from UI controls

    - Creating objects that can be picked up and manipulated with hand tracking

    - Creating entirely new hand interactions based on articulated hand joints

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Use hand rays as a pointer to make selections on 2D interfaces and menus

    - Use hand rays as a world space pointer in 3D space to interact with the physical world

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Recognize when the user's hand makes a specific gesture

    - Summon and dismiss hand anchored menus or controls

    - Understand best practices for unobtrusively anchoring elements to head and hands

    During the course, you will learn to utilize the following MRTK UI controls:

    - Pressable Buttons

    - Sliders

    - App Bar

    - Bounding Box resizing, moving and rotating

    - Object collections and 3D scrollers

    - Tooltip/Flyout Text

    - 2D Slates

    - 2D Unity UI vs. 3D MRTK UI

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Understand how the Spatial Mesh corresponds to SLAM data and scene awareness

    - Be able to use MRTK’s Spatial Mesh Observer to visualize and collide against the device’s awareness of the physical world

    - Hook up their MRTK button to cause the Spatial Mesh visualization to pulse

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Sign up for a Microsoft Store publisher account and setup an app profile for distribution.

    - Configure and understand the asset and device target settings required of all apps.

    - Upload a complete and working UWP app to the store for distribution

    - Understand how to have your app pass acceptance and appear to the public!

    Course Schedule

    March 1 - March 31
    11:30am - 1:00pm Pacific Time Mondays and Wednesdays
    10:00am-1:00pm Pacific Time Fridays


    Nakisa Donnelly

    Nakisa’s engineering and arts background combine for a unique approach to XR development. She has designed and developed projects for the HoloLens, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest and Valve Index.

    Nakisa Donnelly

    Nakisa’s engineering and arts background combine for a unique approach to XR development. She has designed and developed projects for the HoloLens, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest and Valve Index.

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