When learning programming and VR/AR development on your own, you’ll need to rely on programming guides and tutorials. Whether you’re learning to code C#, develop in Unity, or build VR/AR apps, there are core skills and pieces of advice you should know. To help you along, we’ve put together resources to learn VR/AR, including what you need to know before you start learning on your own.

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    1. Know How to Motivate Yourself
      It’s up to you to keep yourself motivated, even when you hit roadblocks. If you thrive on someone giving praise or acknowledging a job well done, learning on your own might not be the best option. Only 5.5% of MOOC students finish their certificate programs. You should really consider whether the self-learning route is for you.

    3. Don’t Burn Yourself Out
      When you feel stuck or have trouble understanding a concept, sometimes the best thing is to walk away and come back the next day. A fresh brain can better absorb the information you’re trying to understand. Just make sure you come back — don’t get discouraged and avoid the topic altogether!

    5. Find a Makeshift Cohort
      Learning on your own can feel very lonely, especially when you’re faced with a problem you can’t solve. Finding online forums, meetups and more where you can rant, solve problems, and share in each other’s successes is great for networking and feeling like you’re not alone in this.

    7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
      If you don’t know how to tackle a coding error, or not sure how to setup part of your application, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Search online forums and if the answer isn’t there, ask around online; most developers are happy to help figure out the problem. There’s no stupid questions. We’re all learning.

    9. Online Tutorials and Programming Guides are Your Friends
    10. Even when you’re not faced with a roadblock, immersing yourself in online how-to videos, step-by-step programming guides, or experimenting with shared code is a great learning experience. Whether that’s troubleshooting, searching for development setup guides or just asking for advice on an online forum, there are a ton of resources available to help you in your journey. Seeing how other developers work and approach VR can provide a unique perspective on how you understand programming and work as a developer.


Circuit Stream Unity Programming and Development Guides:


It’s possible to build the app you want to build. If you want to build it quickly, thoroughly, and well, project-based learning — whether on your own or with an instructor — is the best method.

If learning on your own seems too daunting a task, you can find online courses and guided tutorials taught by experts in the industry. If learning in a face-to-face setting is preferred, we’ve put together a list of the top ten cities where you can learn VR.

With Circuit Stream, we work with you to guide you through each step of development. You’ll have a mentor who will ensure you’re understanding every concept, and walk you through the development process every step of the way.

At the end of the 10-week course, you’ll have the confidence to take on projects on your own. Download our syllabus and see what Circuit Stream has to offer.

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