Urban Arts Partnership x Circuit Stream Immersive Scholarship

Immersive Scholarship

To further promote equal access to technology, education and career opportunities in the tech industry, Circuit Stream has partnered with Urban Arts to offer up to $45,000 in scholarships to community members to attend the Unity Developer Bootcamp.

Are you a member of the Urban Arts Community? 

Kickstart your journey to a new career as a metaverse creator with a scholarship of $15,000 to the 24-week Unity Developer Bootcamp. As a student, you will graduate with the skills to be an employable 3D creator and help shape the future of the metaverse.

Urban Arts Partnership x Circuit Stream Immersive Scholarship

Scholarship Funding

Up to $15,000

Cohort Start Date

April 11th, 2022

Application Deadline

March 11th, 2022

What is the Unity Developer Bootcamp?

Circuit Stream’s 24-week Unity Developer Bootcamp is a career-focused program designed to help students launch a career in 3D development. The program features a project-driven curriculum and is supported by career coaching. By the end of the Bootcamp, students will have the skills and a portfolio of projects to use in an interview setting.

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Who is Circuit Stream?

Circuit Stream  is an industry leader in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) education. We’ve trained over 40,000 learners around the world to provide students with the tools, processes, and workflows needed for building AR/VR (XR for short) applications in the real world.

Choosing to partner with Urban Arts

Circuit Stream’s goal is to help make cutting-edge, real-time 3D skills training accessible to under-resourced members of our communities. Urban Arts is dedicated to empowering students from low-income communities with a quality 21st-century education, making the partnership with Circuit Stream a perfect fit.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Member of the Urban Arts community
  • Previous fundamental knowledge of the Unity 3D engine
  • Successful completion of the entrance assessment
  • Able to commit to the Unity Developer Bootcamp schedule

Application Process

    STEP 1: Submit application

    STEP 2: Complete Entrance Assessment (we’ll send you a link via email once step 1 is complete) 

    STEP 3: Meet all requirements of Entrance Assessment 

    STEP 4: Interview with our Career services Team 

    STEP 5: All qualified Candidates will be reviewed and selected by both the Urban Arts and Circuit Stream team.

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