XR Training Module with Circuit Stream Platform

Training in XR is not a novelty anymore. However, successful implementation and managing of XR training is still misunderstood and often poorly managed. With the Circuit Stream Platform, we're solving the main issues with training employees using XR technology.

In this demo will walk you through a real use-case scenario. You'll learn how we helped a customer implement, manage, and scale their training processes using the Circuit Stream Platform.


  • Safety concerns — the noisy and hot environment provokes errors
  • Limited training opportunities — training can only be performed when the machines were turned off
  • Strained resources — limited number of senior employees are required to supervise training
  • High costs — unsalvageable raw materials are wasted during training
  • Unmeasurable processes — impossible to determine performance success of the training programs


  • Increased safety — errors during training don't endanger workers or equipment
  • Unlimited training — trainings can be run at anytime, as frequently as desired
  • Scalable training program — fewer training supervisors train more new hires
  • Eliminated material costs — no raw materials are used in digital simulation
  • Measurable processes — immediate feedback and analytics document employee success