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Check the extensive 10-week “XR Development with Unity” syllabus customized for professionals investing in their abilities and careers.

This is a beginner friendly course. No previous experience is required. All students with programming experience will be provided additional resources to fit their level of expertise.

Filled with Best Practices

The course is delivered online in small groups and personal one-on-one sessions with the instructors. You will learn to create VR and AR applications using Unity, C#, and technology-specific software.

For more information drop us a line at support@circuitstream.com

With XR Development for Unity course you will create virtual, augmented and mixed reality apps by yourself.

Student Testimonials

“What sets Circuit Stream apart is we work on our own personal projects at the school. Over those 10 weeks and 1:1 time, and working on your own project, you get really proficient at the process of building VR apps.”

Kevin How, XR Developer — San Diego, CA

“I was so scared about touching Unity! It felt so overwhelming. Circuit Stream made it so easy to learn compared to other online courses. In Circuit Stream classes you actually interact with other students. It changed the way I think about Unity.”

Brenda Cordova, Facebook & Instagram Filters Creator — Winnipeg, MB

“It’s a perfect time, while this is a growing industry, to try and get into VR and AR. This investment is for the long term and is worthwhile if you want to get into virtual reality development.”

Mike Oakes, CTO & XR developer — Scartho, UK

“Having a teacher there who’s experienced really helps in guiding you along on the right path and showing you a good base framework to build any VR app.”

Tyrell Lewin, CTO — Burnaby, BC