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Empower your team with the skills to build innovative AR/VR solutions with the world's most powerful 3D engines through expert-led training tailored for professionals across industries.

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Custom Content

Learn the core fundamentals needed to build XR solutions for the most in-demand AR and VR devices. Work with our XR experts to frame content and use-cases specific to your business needs.


Flexible delivery

Learn at a pace and format that meets your objectives. We provide live group training as well as personalized 1:1s to support each of your team member's goals.


Trusted partner

Circuit Stream is a Unity Authorized Training Partner and has taught over 30,000 people and Fortune 500 companies how to design and build augmented and virtual reality applications in our courses, workshops and team training.

Our Instructors are Unity Certified

How we can help you


Intro to Unity

Learn the best tools, processes, and workflows to build the foundation needed to develop and prototype virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

We’ll be covering the fundamentals to Unity, and explore a myriad of concepts and tools including environmental physics, movement and interaction, scripting and more.


1 Design and build for different XR platforms

2 Manage production of XR Projects

3 Effectively design applications around the benefits of XR


Hololens 2

We will use Microsoft's MRTK v2 to rapidly get a hand tracking app on HoloLens, learn a rapid iteration workflow, and talk about how to meet the necessary performance goals required to ship an application.

Additionally, we’ll be covering Microsoft's design guidance for HoloLens 2, as well as detailed explanations behind why the guidance is what it is, taught by one of the designers who helped Microsoft develop that guidance while shipping HoloLens 2.


1 Getting Started with Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit

2 Placing holograms in physical space

3 Understand and crafting hand tracking interaction methods such as direct manipulation and hand rays 


Oculus Quest 2

We’ll use Oculus tools to speed up development, implement state of the art features, and deploy and scale your applications. You will learn the secrets to VR design, hand tracking, controller implementation, spatial audio, and unique Oculus features to create the most engaging applications. You’ll learn the secrets that we’ve been using to build applications for mass deployment for Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees.


1 Learn to create an application from design to scale

2 Leverage existing tools to speed up development

3 Learn how to take your application to the next level



Learn how to use Unity to complement a mix of artistic and technical disciplines when building your XR applications.

We will cover Unity fundamentals with aspecific content emphasis on artistic applications such as how to render 3D objects, how to manipulate lighting, illumination, shaders, and integrate animations.


1 How to effectively design 2D and 3D objects

2 How to design interactions and animations for a spatial environment

3 A pathway to Unity Associate Certificate


Intro to C#

Get exposed to fundamental programming concepts using C# and start writing programs right away. Throughout this course, you will build an Idle Clicker game, tailored to cover main concepts required for C# development, including C# fundamentals, basic code structure, coding techniques, and some Unity specific C# usages.


1 Implement basic click logic and create UI animations using C#

2 Best practices to write code that is scalable and easy to maintain

3 Model real world problems using C#, and write classes that are expandable and reusable

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Taught by Circuit Stream, Approved by Unity

Our course helps you get Unity Certified. Professional-level certifications don't just validate the pinnacle of AR/VR knowledge, they can also fulfill requirements for certain careers.

Take this course and be the pipeline to pass the Unity Certification test.

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Learning from the best

Circuit Stream is a Unity certified training partner.
Training partners are approved based on their expertise, focus on quality education and a commitment to providing the highest level of training available.

Frequently Asked Questions

My team has a specific challenge we need help with - can your private training help with that?

YES! We offer both targeted private training content on core fundamentals as well custom learning objectives for our clients. Our first step for any team training engagement is to better understand your goals and ensure we’re solving your challenges.

We offer flexible training suited to your goals. A typical engagement can range between 20-40 hours of live training and support.

We usually work with a minimum of 5 people for a team engagement and can go as high as needed to support your learning needs

All project files, resources are yours to keep. All sessions will be recorded for you and yours to keep as well.

We blend hands on project based learning with live, lecture based demos to ensure you get theoretical and applied experience with us. All instruction is taught online.