XR Development for Unity - Team Training

We provide team training for companies who are looking to educate their engineers in XR technology. Check the extensive 10-week “XR Development with Unity” syllabus. Train in private group beside your employees.

Training programs can be customized to fit your specific needs.

No previous experience is required. All students with programming experience will be provided additional resources to fit their level of expertise.

Student Testimonials

“The class surpassed my expectations. My background is in website/mobile UX design. I am fascinated at designing in a 3D setting. The class is very hands-on by guiding me to create multiple AR and VR games/tools. Also, I really appreciate all the help I received from my instructor since I have little programming experience. I highly recommend this class to anyone who's interested in learning more about AR/VR.”

Xi Bi — VMware

“I strongly recommend the AR/VR course to anyone who is new to the field and wants to learn at a comfortable pace with knowledgeable instructors. The best part about the course is that you can work on your own project and meet with the instructor 1-on-1 every week and get their guidance.”

Karthik Rao — VMware

“XR opens the door for a whole new landscape of possibilities. It allows us to advance our engineering and visualize the work we do.”

Laura Smith — SNC Lavalin