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Marcus Lewis

The experience was an excellent one!!! I’m still telling people to this day how having the interaction with our instructor as well as other students in the class was the way to go and so important. Another online course I took did not provide that. With the training I received I’ve been able to build an AR project that will be showcased at one of our Senior Leadership events next month.

This is one of the main things that makes Circuit Stream stand out in helping me to grow as I endeavor to take on AR/VR as a career change. I’m ecstatic that I came across them, and with a reasonable payment plan was able to take their VR course. I can’t thank them enough!!!

Mfon Akpan

The course was straightforward and the outcomes were focused on our project needs. Excellent and highly knowledgeable instructors that made complicated material easily digestible. I strongly recommend the course.

Patty Yocum

If you are looking to learn from the best in VR, look no further and sign up now with Circuit Stream! The instructors are nothing less than phenomenal! The course is structured for beginners and also takes into account those who have more experience. I personally was a beginner and I admit, I was a bit nervous going into this course because I knew nothing about Unity. However, Lou and the instructor were so inviting, which immediately made me feel as if I was part of their VR team!

On top of that, the instructor was highly knowledgeable on AR/VR and went out of his way to ensure we were all on the same page before moving forward to a new concept. What other online course offers such support? Circuit Stream wants nothing more than to see you succeed!! What a great experience! Thank you guys so much!!!

Laura Kay Smith

The online class format lets you ask questions and work through problems you are having on the homework as a class, which makes the learning fun. The students in my class had different backgrounds and so asked questions I had never thought of, which helped me think differently and understand several parts of Unity.

Unity is a powerful tool, and harnessing that power to give clients better access and understanding to the project has been a goal of mine for several years. Thanks to this class from Circuit Stream I now understand how Unity works and how I can use it to better explain my projects to my clients.

Kevin How

My biggest hurdle was definitely learning C#. It looked like a foreign language to me. I remember the first time that I was able to write my first script and make my script actually do something in VR. It was just an incredible feeling.

What sets Circuit Stream apart is we work on our own personal projects at the school. Over those 10 weeks and 1:1 time, and working on your own project, you get really proficient at the process of building VR apps.

Mike Oakes

It’s a perfect time while this is a growing industry to try and get into VR and AR. This investment is for the long term and it’s worthwhile if you want to get into VR/AR development.

Anybody can pick this up, you just need the right tutor and right environment. Just put the time in, sit in with the instructors, and by the end of that session you’re gonna be proficient with Unity.

Brenda Cordova

I was so scared about touching Unity! It felt so overwhelming but Circuit Stream made it so easy to learn compared to other online courses. In Circuit Stream classes you actually interact with other students. It changed the way I think about Unity.

Mike Oakes


The virtual reality course is great if you have an idea and want to see it come to fruition. I didn’t know anything about coding and I was able to catch on. As long as you can navigate around a computer, you’re pretty much fine!

Pascal Poudenx

“We developed an app that allowed us to train staff ahead of a new airport being created. Circuit Stream helped us learn the elements applicable to what we were trying to do”