Circuit Home


Mike Oakes


The virtual reality course is great if you have an idea and want to see it come to fruition. I didn’t know anything about coding and I was able to catch on. As long as you can navigate around a computer, you’re pretty much fine!

Pascal Poudenx

“We developed an app that allowed us to train staff ahead of a new airport being created. Circuit Stream helped us learn the elements applicable to what we were trying to do”

Olivier Leroux

What I love about the course, is having direct access to instructors from the VR industry. Very helpful for someone new to VR development.

Tyrell Lewin

Having an instructor who has experience really helps guide you along the right path. Beginners get a great introduction to Unity and get to jump in right away to create their own app.

Brenda Cordova

Circuit Stream made it so easy to learn compared to other online courses. In Circuit Stream classes you actually interact with other students. It changed the way I think about Unity.