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10 August 2021 – 1pm PST

Circuit Stream Open House

AR/VR is growing. And we mean growing BIG. Innovative companies are falling over themselves to hire people like you. The demand for AR/VR engineers reached a whopping 1400% more than the previous year!

The demand for skilled AR/VR technicians are at an all time high. AND it’s only going to get bigger. Why not grab a piece of the pie?

Join us online Tuesday, August 10th to learn how you can get started building XR applications and acquire the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

We'll share how an XR certification can be the launchpad to your professional goals, industry experts answering any of your gnawing questions, and what you can expect to gain from our programs.

You'll also hear from Circuit Stream alumni who have transitioned to careers within the industry, launched their own experiences, or developed XR applications for their companies.

We have special guest Susan Molnar joining as well. She has over 15 years of experience in curriculum development and educational design. Susan was an early adopter of AR after seeing the possibilities at a teacher’s conference in 2016. She continues to contribute to the XR Access community (XRAccess.org) and was published in Universal Access Through Inclusive Instructional Design: International Perspectives on UDL discussing the “promise and peril of new technology’ focusing on how we need think about how we design technology and for who, if we are going to be effective and highlighted some of the areas of improvement for the Hololens 1 as examples. Her current role is the Senior Instructional Designer at Bell and Howell.

The presentation will start promptly at the scheduled time, and will run for roughly 40 minutes, followed by a 20 minute Q&A session. PLUS there will be a bonus free giveaway at the end of the session. Stay tuned!

Hosted by

Susan Molnar

Senior Instructional Designer at Bell and Howell

Brenden Gilbert

Education Lead

Jerry Medeiros

Head of Education

You'll learn

  • What you can expect to achieve with our courses
  • Your instructors backgrounds and expertise
  • What other students like you have experienced
  • What our new partnership with Unity means for you
  • How to apply / financing opportunities

About Circuit Stream

Circuit Stream offers a full platform of XR training and learning services to help you master immersive technology. Established in 2015, the company has helped over 40,000 people learn to design, develop and launch immersive experiences. Organizations including Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Autodesk, VMware, Lockheed Martin, the US Navy, Verizon, Walmart, the MIT Media Lab, the University of California Davis, New York University, and many more, rely on Circuit Stream to learn how to create XR applications.