Black Friday Deals Open House

Circuit Stream Open House - Black Friday Deals!

Facebook/Meta is investing $10 billion into the metaverse. Real-Time 3D is becoming the most sought-after skill. Whether you're looking to develop and design AR or VR solutions or just get educated in Unity — one of the most used 3D software engines, you're invited to the Circuit Stream's Open House!

We're going to share the details about XR courses (development and design), our new Intro to Unity3D course and the opportunities how get started real-time spatial computing. You've heard the news about "Meta", right? If this isn't one of the biggest signals to start thinking about XR career, I don't think what is.

Join us online Tuesday, November 23rd to learn how you can get started building XR experiences and acquire the skills needed to succeed in the industry. We'll also provide details about our Black Friday offers and how you can get one of the deals at the best price!

We'll share the details of our course, the pathways for industry-recognized XR certifications and opportunities to start or transition your professional career to XR development.

You'll also hear it from Circuit Stream alumni Jacob Viser who has fully embraced XR is looking to start his own VR studio.  Jacob took both development and design courses and will freely share his experience and thoughts about his journey with Circuit Stream. You will also have a chance to ask him anything you wanted to know after the webinar.

The presentation will start promptly at the scheduled time, and will run for roughly 40 minutes, followed by a 20 minute Q&A session.

Hosted by

Brenden Gilbert

Education Lead

Jacob Viser

Circuit Stream alumni

Nakisa Donnelly

Circuit Stream Instructor

You'll learn

  • What you can expect to achieve with our courses
  • Your instructors backgrounds and expertise
  • Marketing demands and skills needed to land highly-paid positions in AR/VR industry
  • Jacob Viser's experience from taking Development and Design courses
  • Details about Black Friday offers and which one makes the most sense for your needs
  • What our new partnership with Unity means for you
  • How to apply / financing opportunities

About Circuit Stream

Circuit Stream offers a full platform of XR training and learning services to help you master immersive technology. Established in 2015, the company has helped over 40,000 people learn to design, develop and launch immersive experiences. Organizations including Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Autodesk, VMware, Lockheed Martin, the US Navy, Verizon, Walmart, the MIT Media Lab, the University of California Davis, New York University, and many more, rely on Circuit Stream to learn how to create XR applications.