09 December 2021 — 12PM PST

Build a VR Museum

Learning how to build awesome things in VR? Let's build an immersive VR scene in Unity!

On Dec 9th we will be building a VR museum where your users will move your created museum in Unity.

You will learn how to build up an environment, place 3D objects in that space and code simple interactions between your VR controller and the virtual object.

This is a beginner friendly workshop and you won't need a VR headset to attend. Just follow along!

We'll go over VR development fundamentals and learn how to tackle a project from start to finish. Projects like these are great for building a portfolio and are something that students build in the XR Development with Unity course.

You will also learn how to use 3D audio and visual effects in Unity, and more! If you're just getting started with VR, this workshop is especially made for you!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Resources for attendees:

  • Project Files and Assets
  • Video Replay

Hosted by

Indika Wijesooriya


Steph Licina


You'll learn:

  • How to build VR scenes in Unity environment
  • How to place 3D objects in Unity environments
  • How to use you shadows and "baking lights" to achieve better immersion

By the end of the workshop you'll have:

  • Confidence and knowledge how to build your own 3D scenes
  • Assets and Resources to Replicate the Workshop's Goals
  • Understanding of developing a simple VR project from start to finish
  • Answers to your questions about Unity development from a instructor

About your instructors:

Indika, a proud Sri-Lankan, has always been fascinated by high tech. His work history in software industry includes game development, design, and of course XR technology. If you're looking for someone to find a tech business solution, he's your guy!

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