XR Design Course Open House

Intro to Niantic Lightship ARDK

The real world is blending with a digital one, and the immersive technology is inevitably coming into our everyday lives. Niantic Labs has developed a tool which integrates with Unity engine and allows developers to build amazing AR experiences infused with data, information, interactive creation and services.

Niantic, the company behind mega-popular mobile AR game Pokémon Go has released Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Development Kit (ARDK) for Unity. As a part of Unity, Lightship can be deployed almost anywhere where Unity XR apps can deploy. This extends the use of Unity game engine tremendously and enriches the AR developers with powerful Lightship features such as semantic segmentation, powerful physics and occlusions, integrated multiplayer functionalities and even using advanced tools such as virtual positioning system (VPS) to recognize exact location in the world. Can you say accurate location-based AR experiences?

In this webinar, a Niantic Lightship expert and AR community leader, Diego Aguirre, will unpack Niantic Lightship ARDK and go through its powerful features, explain how they work, and how you can use them in your AR development projects.

Are you going to create the next AR viral game?

The webinar is free and suitable for everyone interested in AR development!

Hosted by

Roham Mirza-Ghafari

Enrollment Advisor

Diego Aguirre


What you will learn:

  • What Niantic Lightship is and why is it important for AR development
  • The synergies between Unity game engine and Niantic Lightship
  • The most powerful Lightship benefits such as cross-platform development
  • Lightship platform features such as: AR session, AR session manager, plane-detection and mockup tools
  • How to enable Lightship development account
  • A quick look into powerful meshing tools, multiplayer tools and Visual Positioning System (VPS)
  • What projects you can start building with Lightship

At the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • An overview of Niantic Lightship ARDK
  • Knowledge of how to use Niantic Lightship for your AR projects
  • A basic understanding of Lightship's most exciting features such as meshing, semantic segmentation, occlusions and physics
  • Answers to your questions from Diego Aguirre

About Your Instructor:

As a Lightship Leader, Diego volunteers his time to co-lead and help the Lightship AR community to grow worldwide, while making it a more inclusive space for LATAM creators and developers. His role as a Lightship leader involves hearing the community, identify insights, proposing strategic ideas that could lead to more grow and engagement but mainly helping people in the community getting started with XR development.

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