XR Design Course Open House

Open House: How Will XR Transform Design

The XR and Metaverse world is inevitable and approaching fast. Designers will have to adapt and learn the skills to build the worlds that are beautiful, useful, and easy to navigate.

How to get to that point? By learning, building, and experimenting on creating XR projects today!

In this Circuit Stream Open House, we are going to uncover the XR journey of Dan Marqusee — former product designer at LinkedIn, an XR design mentor at Circuit Stream, and YouTube creator and thinker on the topics of designing immersive worlds.

We are also getting into detail about the Interaction Design and Prototyping for XR course and showing you exactly what students will learn and acquire skills. Whether you are a designer looking to transition and adapt skills for the XR and Metaverse medium or you're starting as a beginner, this free and live webinar will provide you with the answers and information on how to enter the exciting world of XR design.

Join us live and online Thursday, September 15th @ 12 pm PT to learn how you can get started designing XR experiences and acquire the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

This free presentation will start promptly at the scheduled time, and will run for roughly 45 minutes, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

Bring your design friends!

Hosted by


Enrollment Advisor

Daniel Marqusee

AR/VR Product Designer

What you will learn:

  • Dan's ultimate reason for leaving a lucrative career at LinkedIn and entering into XR
  • Why do designers need to replace 2D thinking and start learning about building experiences in 3D
  • What problems and solutions will the Metaverse and XR bring — and how can designers solve them
  • How Metaverse and XR are going to transform how we work
  • Details and answers about Circuit Stream's Interaction Design and Prototyping for XR course

    About Your Speaker:

    Dan Marqusee is an experienced Product and User Experience designer turned XR designer. He left a lucrative career at LinkedIn to dive deep into learning, teaching, and designing for inevitable future of 3D design. He's a big believer that we have to start learning and building today new worlds today.

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