Join our free, live workshop: Solving XR Design Problems with Tvori and ShapesXR

Solving XR Design Problems with Tvori and ShapeXR

Designers - this one is for you!

Before the projects travels into the development phase, you - the designers, have looked at every user situation, calculated the risks, drawn out storyboards, and mapped out the user's experience. It's not an easy task.

With immersive technologies and real-time 3D environment the amount of design obstacles are exponentially higher. Join us for a free online workshop about practical use case of implementing and finding the right XR design solutions for an actual project.

We are going to hear it from the Tvori team: Gabriele Romagnoli and Mohammad Sayyar. The duo will breakdown the actual case on how the team is building one of the latest features and overcoming design issues of ShapesXR — a VR tool aimed at designing and prototyping AR and VR experiences. ShapesXR just launched into the Oculus Store, so they definitely did a lot of things right.

You wouldn't want to miss this event since both Mohammad and Gabriele will answer all your burning questions about XR design live!

Hosted by

Stephane Licina

Head of Partnerships

Gabriele Romagnoli

Head of Community at ShapesXR

Mohammad Sayyar

Lead Designer at Tvori

At the end of the workshop, you'll know:

  • Insights and surprising takeaways from a practicing XR Designer
  • How to develop an XR  design process from start to finish
  • How to problem-solve, iterate, and implement design choices on a real-case study
  • Career advice and recommendation for entering the XR market as a designer
  • Answers to your questions from Stephane, Gabriele and Mohammad at the live Q&A at the end of the workshop

Workshop prerequisites

  • Interest in XR and/or design!

About Speakers:

Gabriele Romagnoli is a creator, technologist and storyteller. He's been in love with immersive tech for years and is on a mission empower creatives and designers with the tools to build the Metaverse. With ShapesXR app he is aiming to help like-minded professionals and creatives to push the boundaries of innovation and shape the new generation of spatial experiences.

Mohammad Sayyar is a product designer focused on creating XR experiences. Driven by his love for creativity and technology, he has worked for brands, agencies and start-ups for the last 14 years. He hopes to continue crafting beautiful, problem-solving solutions and empower people through design.


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