Join our free open house: Unity Developer Bootcamp

Unity Bootcamp Open House

Join us at our Virtual Open House where you’ll learn more about our 24-week Unity Bootcamp kicking off on April 11th. We’ll review a range of topics including program structure, our flexible financing options, career support and coaching services and ways to get accepted into the program.

What is Unity Bootcamp?

Circuit Stream designed the 3D-oriented Unity Bootcamp in response to the growing demand for 3D development skills. The 24-week live, online course teaches the fundamental skills of development with Unity. The goal is to equip you with the qualifications, portfolio and career support to aid you in securing your first job in the interactive technology industry.

Feel free to download the Unity Bootcamp syllabus prior to the webinar and prepare questions.

Hosted by

Stephane Licina


Jerry Medeiros

Certified Unity Instructor

Mike Oakes

Software Engineer at Unity Technologies

You'll learn:

  • Unity Bootcamp aims and goals
  • Career service supports and options
  • Admission qualification and process
  • Payment options including credit loans & deferred payments
  • Mike Oakes' advice (Software Engineer at Unity Technologies) and recommendation on how to use your Unity skills
  • Job opportunities & student success stories

About Circuit Stream:

Circuit Stream is a leading AR/VR and Unity education company in North America. Established in 2015, the company has helped over 40,000 people learn to design, develop and launch immersive experiences. Organizations including Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Autodesk, VMware, Lockheed Martin, the US Navy, Verizon, Walmart, the MIT Media Lab, the University of California Davis, New York University, and many more, rely on Circuit Stream to learn how to create Unity applications.

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