01 October 2020 – 7pm ET

Live Augmented Reality Workshop

Circuit Stream offers live AR and VR workshops where you can participate in an online class and learn how to build a simple AR application. Get real-time feedback from our instructors during the class.

These workshops serve as the perfect introduction into the world of augmented reality and the XR industry in general.

If you’ve ever looked for a good place to start your AR journey, this workshops is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes in and start thinking about how to create your AR app.

Hosted by

Stephane Licina

Course Lead

Jerry Medeiros

Lead Instructor and VR developer


  • How Unity is used to build AR apps
  • Major AR (and VR) development tools
  • Industry opportunities for AR
  • Answers to your questions between and after the workshop


  • A foundational understanding of AR
  • Resources to grow your skills and build your own apps
  • An inside look of what you need to get started in the industry
  • Concrete answers to your questions about software and best practices

Student Testimonials

"Excellent and highly-knowledgeable instructors that made complicated material easily digestible. I strongly recommend the course."

Mfon, Assistant Professor of Business — Chicago, IL

“Gave me hands on experience with Unity, which I had no prior experience with. I’m ready to start making my own VR games!”

Eric, Android Developer – Vancouver, BC

“With no coding experience, Circuit Stream kickstarted my path in VR development.”

Arush, Chemical Engineer – Toronto, ON

“I learned to create apps for the HTC Vive while making some great connections to the VR industry. I feel confident in becoming a VR developer now.”

Maria, Graphic Designer – Toronto, ON

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