UX Design for XR Applications & Immersive Storytelling

As human beings we are compelled to listen to the story with the compelling narrative. With immersive technology the stories we create have additional layers we should provide to the users we are developing for.

But these layers come with a level of complexity. Adriana Vecchioli, an immersive designer for brands like NBA, Warner Bros and Twitter, is shared her tips and tricks on how to craft an experience that is enjoyable for the user.

By the end of the workshop, you will understand the causes of motion sickness and discomfort, how to mitigate its effects and how to design a VR experience that will make your users want to cruise for hours.

Resources: Presentation slides

Hosted by

Stephane Licina

Course Lead

Adriana Vecchioli

UX XR Designer

At the end fo the workshop, you'll know:

  • Secrets on how to adapt the UX to overcome nausea in XR games in 360 videos.
  • Mitigate discomfort when designing XR experiences
  • How to plan the XR environments for your users
  • Basic navigational systems used for your main users

Workshop prerequisites

  • Interest in XR building software
  • An AR/VR device is not required for this workshop

About Your Instructor:

Adriana Vecchioli is a LA-based UX XR designer, with more than 7 years of experience working for tech startups and major brands like Twitter, Snap, Warner Bros., NBA and Viacom. She started her AR & VR studio Velvet Unicorn out of a true love for immersive storytelling.

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