12 November 2020 – 7pm ET

VR 360 Tours

What are some of the major keys in developing 360 imaging for VR? Do you understand what raycasting is, and how to use it effectively? Join us in this free workshop for all these details and more!
Our expert instructor, Usman, will walk us through implementing RayCasting and 360 images, as well as navigating between multiple 360 images. Gain a foundational understanding of VR 360 implementation. Bring your questions!

Hosted by

Stephane Licina

Course Lead

Usman Mir

Lead Instructor and AR/VR Developer

During the workshop, you'll have:

  • How to set up a scene with 360 images
  • How to set up a VR capable scene in Unity
  • How to implement VR controls/input
  • How to implement raycasting to point and click on part of an image to move to another 360 image

At the end of the workshop, you'll have:

  • An understanding of 360 scenes in VR
  • An understanding of VR controls and inputs for 360 imaging
  • An understanding of raycasting
  • Q&A with your instructor, Usman

About your instructor:

Usman has worked with Unity for over 10 years. XR development combines his passion for problem-solving and building innovative experiences.

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