Bow and Arrow VR Tutorial

In this on-demand workshop learn how to create a medieval archery scene with a bow and target. This simple project will introduce you to the basics of virtual reality development inside Unity3D. The assets needed for the scene creation are included upon sign up.

These workshops are suitable for beginners. No previous experience is required.


3D objects, textures, script code snippets (available after signup)

Hosted by

Steph Licina

Course Lead

Usman Mir

Lead Instructor

In the workshop, you will learn:

  • How Unity is used to build virtual reality apps
  • How to setup a project in Unity
  • How to use 3D objects and material in Unity
  • How to script interactions between objects and actions

By the end of the workshop, you will have :

  • Your own finished "Bow and Arrow" project
  • Knowledge about how to start developing VR with Unity
  • Experience of testing live VR code

Student Testimonials

“We reduce operations risk when we’re able to train for dangerous real-life scenarios in VR, like being exposed to the jet blast of an aircraft engine.”

Pascal Poudenx — Vantage Airport Group

I was able to use what I was taught in class to aid in my job search. I landed a job within 3 months of starting my course with circuit stream. They were definitely a big reason I was able to succeed. I would recommend them to other aspiring XR professionals.”

Syed Fatir Ali — LNG Studios

“Circuit Stream is an EXCELLENT online course. It’s classroom and 1 on 1 sessions was beyond anything I could have imagined. My instructors went above and beyond. I would recommend this to any and everyone.”

Richard Bailey — Hershey's

"XR opens the door for a whole new landscape of possibilities. It allows us to advance our engineering and visualize the work we do."

Laura Smith – SNC Lavalin