VR Design Secrets to Refine Your XR Experiences

Back by the popular demand. How applications are perceived is part science and part art. Since immersive creations adds additional sensors beside just auditory and visual elements, the baseline for a quality XR experience is set high.

Think about all the VR applications you've enjoyed? Why is Half Life: Alyx above most of the other VR games? How does Beat Saber get you into "the zone" so easily?

In this workshop, we'll go over a list of simple steps that every VR title needs to tune to slide into that magic sweet spot that makes the best titles feel so good.

Whether you're just starting out or almost ready to publish, we'll highlight areas of your app that will make the biggest difference in your user's subjective experience of your application.

Resources: Presentation slides

Hosted by

Stephane Licina

Course Lead

Eric Carter

Expert AR/VR Designer

You've probably heard the last 20% makes 80% of the difference; at the end of this workshop you'll have a list of areas to focus on and fine tune to make to your app really pop.

At the end fo the workshop, you'll know:

  • How to create hyper realistic audio spatialization that subconsciously draws your user's attention to their objectives
  • How to make virtual hands or controllers feel like a perfect natural extension of the user's body
  • How to optimize your per-frame workload to reduce input latency
  • What visual affordances to include to make teleporting least disorienting to users

Workshop prerequisites

  • A familiarity with VR and AR
  • Interest in building software for hand tracking devices
  • An AR/VR device is not required for this workshop

About Your Instructor:

Eric Carter is an XR designer who helped Microsoft ship hand tracking on the HoloLens 2. After that he worked on Facebook Horizon with the team that made Oculus Quest First Steps. With more than a decade of prior experience working in game design, Eric brings a creative and user-centric focus to the projects he develops.

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