03 March 2021 – 12PM PST

Build a VR Driving Simulator in Unity

Isn't it annoying when you fail your driving test twice in a row? Wouldn't it be great if you could train yourself how to parallel park in virtual reality? No scratched bumpers, no pets or sidewalk pedestrians in danger, and endless practice time. 

Well, Ozzy is going to teach you how to build a VR Driving Simulator in Unity. You're going to learn how to start a project in VR, think about your design and placement of the player, and how to steer and accelerate the vehicle.


Project assets and presentation slides will be shared for all registrants.

Hosted by

Kyle Nichols

Course Lead

Usman Mir

The VR Game Developer and Instructor

What are you going to learn

  • Set up a VR Rig with the XR Interaction Tool Kit (no coding? yes please!)
  • Distinguish between floor and eye level VR experiences
  • Create a steering wheel interaction for VR
  • Getting VR Input
  • Accelerating the VR vehicle
  • Answers to your questions from your host, Usman "Ozzy" Mir

About your instructor:

Usman Mir is a certified Unity instructor who has worked with Unity for over 12 years. He's passionate about learning, teaching, and building his own VR games. 

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