03 February 2021 – 12pm PST

VR Locomotion — The Art of Moving in VR

Do your users find it difficult to move in your virtual environment? Or even worse - do they experience motion sickness?

There are plenty of ways on how you move in VR: teleportation, walking, blink, etc...

In this workshop you will learn how implement the right locomotion for the project you are building, what are the steps to enable it in Unity 3D, and how to think from the users' perspective.

Lastly, you will watch over Tyrell's shoulder and see exactly how he builds a fundamental movement setups for his own projects.

You will receive all the assets and project files after the workshop!

Hosted by

Stephane Licina

Course Lead

Tyrell Lewin

Instructor and XR Developer

During the workshop, we'll share:

  • Quickly Setting up a project for VR
  • Manually implementing your own VR Raycaster
  • Visualizing the ray with a curved and smooth line
  • Adding clean fade in and fade out UX on teleport

At the end of the workshop, you'll have:

  • Practical understanding of how to implement movements in your VR projects
  • Your own locomotion project
  • UX knowledge of moving the avatar in VR environment
  • Answers to all your questions around AR/VR development from Tyrell

About your instructor:

Tyrell Lewin was one of the Circuit Stream's first alumni's from 5 years ago. His passion of technology has led him to start exploring and learning XR on his own. Today he is an expert developer specializing on AR/VR design. In free time you can see him streaming on Twitch under BlackTyEven moniker.

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