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MRTK + Figma Toolkit with Thomas Lewis from Microsoft

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You've downloaded your favourite 3D modelling tool (probably Unity or Unreal), the SDK for your device, and now you're ready to get started on your AR project. But what if you want to design the UX first? Not a problem— Figma and MRTK (Microsoft's Mixed Reality Toolkit is your solution.

Every designer that steps into the immersive design world stumbles on one problem — lack of tools, but Microsoft's MRTK Figma Toolkit helps bridge the gap.

What is MRTK Figma Toolkit?

MRTK Figma Toolkit provides 2D versions of the HoloLens 2 style UI controls that you can find in the MRTK for Unity or MRTK for Unreal. It's an excellent resource for designers who want to create UI layouts and storyboards. For example, the Unity plugin for MTRK can import a Figma file and recreate corresponding MRTK components in Unity.

The beauty of MRTK is that it allows you to quickly get an idea up and running, polish it based on testing, and put out a finished application. — saving time and effort when it comes to designer and developer collaboration and so much more.

Join Thomas Lewis, a Mixed Reality expert and developer from Microsoft, at our introductory workshop on the MRTK Figma Toolkit. You'll learn how to use the tool and its importance in the XR design process. Thomas will also cover essential best practices, so you know how this tool fits into your XR design processes.

We'll also touch on what Microsoft is currently doing in the mixed reality space, how designers and developers are using XR tools and what users can expect from immersive technology in the near future.

Safe to say, this is a webinar, you don't want to miss out on. You'll also have an opportunity to connect with Thomas and ask him questions during the Q&A session at the end.

This online event is free to attend and suitable for anyone interested in XR development and design.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of the MRTK Figma Toolkit
  • Best practices of MRTK and how to go about using it on your XR development and design projects
  • Real-life case studies completed with MRTK Figma Toolkit

By the end of the workshop, you'll have:

  • Knowledge of MRTK Toolkit and how it fits into XR development and design process
  • When and how MRTK Toolkit fits into the complex XR development projects
  • An understanding of how XR projects are solving real-life pain points
  • Answers to your questions from Microsoft's own XR principal developer specialist — Thomas Lewis

About Your Speaker:

Thomas Lewis is a Spatial Computing Cloud Advocate Lead in Microsoft’s Developer Relations. Thomas has worked in a variety of roles and geographies at Microsoft for over 20 years. He’s currently advocating on behalf of developers, designers, creators, and builders of Mixed Reality experiences. After putting on a Mixed Reality headset, he knew that he had experienced a taste of the future and sees the beauty, sadness, and hope that it can bring to humans.


Stephane Licina

Partnership Manager

Thomas Lewis

Mixed Reality Principal Developer @ Microsoft