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Create Amazing AR/VR Visual Effects with Unity VFX Graph

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You will learn how to create incredible and modular particles systems quickly with the VFX graph — Unity's Node-based visual authoring tool. We'll look at all the features of the VFX graph and learn how to put them together to create jaw dropping effects. Anyone looking to spice up their projects from a visual effects perspective should be excited by this upcoming workshop.

By the end of the workshop you will know how to quickly and effortlessly create a particle system that uses any or all stages of the VFX graph.

What are you going to learn

  • What is Unity VFX Graph
  • How to quickly use VFX Graphs in your projects
  • How to polish and "upgrade" your XR experiences using VFX Graph
  • Learn how to create storm effects using Particle Systems
  • Learn the effective workflows of using visual effects from an expert XR designer
  • Answers to your questions from your host, Tyrell Lewin
💬   AMA session with your host, Tyrell Lewin, after the workshop

About your instructor:

Tyrell Lewin was one of the Circuit Stream's first alumni's from 5 years ago. His passion of technology has led him to start exploring and learning XR on his own. Today he is an expert developer specializing on AR/VR design. In free time you can see him streaming on Twitch under BlackTyEvent moniker.


Kyle Nichols

Course Lead

Tyrell Lewin

Expert XR Designer and Instructor